Have a beautiful It Bag, you can also press brilliant fashion week

According to Li’s past four Fashion Week “exposure”, select the It Bag is a popular brands for everyone. From these follow the trend in the foremost fashion fine choice, we can also see what brand is leading the trend, which is still popular in the bag bag, which has become a new favorite.

1.Fendi is still leading the way

Fendi this year has become pack leader, the momentum has been overshadowed by a few years ago the limelight two Celine. Now it’s Mini Peekaboo is still a fine fashion favorite, expensive and lovely hair strange then captured the whole fashion, fashion week almost all street package regardless of brand, almost all can see its shadow.

Peekaboo In the “special potential bag” has been the focus discussed here is not to dwell on it. Reply to “34” or “potential unit bag” view. In addition to the basic models, a lot of new series.Down down down

Peekaboo small and medium, style and Mini is much better, the low degree of many fashionable, wins in the all-match for calm, work packages, weight is very light ~ but handmade leather series is very heavy. Down down down

New Reggie By the way A successor of the Peekaboo momentum. It is lovely to go the route.But it is thick shoulder straps, carrying the partial leisure sports, in the hand is elegant. Also the size of no.. Small 1650 dollars, 1900 dollars in size. Down down down

This is a very cute Penguin package From the new series Fendi Qutweet holiday series, the package name is Demi Jour, very cute, very suitable for the weird girl. Down down down

Fendi classic baguette is Baguette, “sex and the city” Carrie love that section, and a new – turn3Baguette Love, let a lot of baguette Master tread on air. Down down down

Before a small shopping bag monster said, because of strong practicability and high cost, a lot of places to sell out of stock. Down down down

This season also released a new bag looks beautiful, it seems Fendi will continue to go on fire.Down down down

2.Chloe “pig” high fever

Chloe Drew Bag (“pig”) is a Li Rebecca in potential bag pushing, many readers are planted grass after the start. Your choice is right! In the four major fashion week, it is still a “Mack daddy,” continued hot. It is really suitable for the pose, and high cost. Down down down

Because the pig bag drives it home, several new bags are also popular. Like this Faye, But the momentum was not as good as the pig bag. Down down down

3.Loewe Puzzle Bag is destined to become the dark horse of the year

In addition to Fendi, Chole, Chanel these street regulars, this year’s fashion week It Bag into a dark horse, from the old brand new Loewe handbag Puzzle Bag became the new darling of the people . The Spanish brand, has a long history, has always been known for a low-key and good quality. This handbag — recently burst red Puzzle Bag, One was launched Fashion magazines and fashion websites can’t wait for the 2015 It Bag letter, who have eagerly fashion fine with it. The price of $2250, a little more than ten thousand yuan sold in europe. Down down down

The geometry of the appearance of the bag very recognizable, because leather is soft, and the three-dimensional square bag can be folded flat, easy storage, save space and avoid damage to the bag, is very magical. Down down down

This is the T platform released a new map Down down down

Puzzle Bag drive, it’s also fire up with other bags. For example, the hand bag, also see a lot of street in Master. Down down down

And this Barcelona bags handbags are also very popular. It packs a high degree of identification.Down down down

It’s the first classic handbag, even with the resurgence of. Down down down

4.Chanel Le Boy still coquettish

Chanel is still the favorite fashion fine. In the street always all kinds of CF and Le Boy. These two packages are also introduced too many times. However, back pose based models of course is not enough, so Master together are textures and colors. Down down down

Although the black Classci Flap. But have a special season color section of a small sachet is also quite eye-catching. Down down down

The release of the new season. I love the most Down down down

5.Celine momentum as before

The smiling faces of Celine package, Bag package and Classci swing has the leading position for several years, but this year the momentum is worse than before. The launch of several new bags and other popular models than before there is not much innovation. In several new, more popular is the Ring Bag and Tie Tote Bag.

Celine launched this in the early spring of 2015 Ring Bag . In addition to mobile, on the side there is a decorative function, can extend the hand bag firmly in hand, anti-theft protection is particularly applicable to many people crowded places, and the plasticity of the classic brown leather to modeling is also of great help, the reference price of 18500 yuan. Down down down

In the winter of 2013 launch Tie Tote Bag The series is also potential bag said, is new promising, but clearly not embarrassed face pack and swing popular package. The reference price at around $3400. Down down down

Perhaps aware of laurels is not feasible, the spring of this year it launched the bag, there are other more special, popular potential. The price of $1900. Down down down

6.DIOR Diorama Bag momentum Ruibukedang

As one of Diana package never catch a cold man, Li Rebecca before Dior bag is really very little attention, but it’s the 2015 spring and summer series Diorama Bag Really amazing to me.Diorama handbags is absolutely new forces in 2015 It Bag, soft lambskin, a symbol of the Dior logo Tengge lines, elegant and chic. The key is that this package should have 26 different models to choose from! The price of about 3300 US dollars.

Carina Lau went to Paris at Fashion Week show is to take it. Down down down

7.LV Twist Bag outshining “little box”

The most striking LV small box Petite Malle still absorbing eye index 100% (also introduced before not to say), but have to say, this little box utility is too low (mobile phone almost put off), can only be used to concave shape, so its recent limelight has been Twist over Bag. Twist Bag in the spring of 2015 series has just launched not long, has become this year’s flagship models LV. However, this bag is really ugly. The European price less than 20 thousand yuan. The domestic price of nearly 30 thousand yuan. Down down down

In contrast, a small box or the beauty ah down down down

This season also released the box, very beautiful. Down down down

A lot of It Bag 7.SLP contract

SLP is prior to YSL. The potential bag said it’s organ bag, very popular. In fact, it is these two years are very powerful, each It Bag inventory list, it should be accounted for in several places. Said a topic about in addition to Chanel before, what is worth buying chain, later has not actually write ~ Li Rebecca to recommend several chain bag, which is only a few Saint Laurent. In especial This is Betty, my love. The price of $2240. Down down down

You can choose different colors and cortex. Down down down

And last year it super fire chain tassel bag improved version, less tassel, more simple (but I think there are more beautiful tassels). 2231 dollars. Down down down.fashion.

The new It Bag forces this period will be introduced here. If you think the big hit rate is too high, the new forces in It Bag next, Li Rebecca will introduce several popular niche brands, please look forward to:)




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