How to take the bag? Ten classical collocation rules!

Have not found, often clothing collocation is good, but found your bag is not appropriate,so thatThere may be a packet can destroy you to dress up a wardrobe!Xiaobian summed up several life collocation will be used in the bag:

The bag is generally divided into three categories: functional bags, decorative bags, all-match durable bag.

The function of bag type:

To put things as practical as the basic principle, all is for the convenient and practical, beautiful is not so important. For example, students book bag, shopping bag, large capacity in order to put things in the travel bag, the bag bag is a functional category.

They may not be beautiful, but it can be installed! Durable, safe, simple point is not care about its shape is not good enough, as long as the effort to put something inside is enough.

This kind of bag to all all-match you, the best choice of plain, as simple as possible.

The decorative bag:

In order to pose, in order to use the whole bag with dress, its role and similar accessories.

I usually buy this package will choose small, mobile phone, money, lipstick, put these enough, don’t need much space. The appearance is very important to me, since it is a decorative bag, then either good or good in this adorable, the bag I insist on learning is the appearance of the association.

The main function of the package is not installed, but the decoration! You can’t expect them to buy it can hold, mind set and not perfect in every respect this kind of thing Oh, it is there to look good, personality.

Can only hold a mobile phone bag, generally applicable to small dress collocation, banquets, date and so pose. Wear colorful clothes on the collocation of three colors: black and white ash bag. In neutral or very plain clothes, you can choose the color bright small embellishment.

There is a decorative bag, but it is not that great all-match style bag. This kind of bag is large but not super good collocation, the general life of clothes and it can not be together, only some clothes to specific and it together.

Another decorative package, is a pure sell adorable cartoon bag. This kind of bag should be students party most often back, Animal Plush bag, it looks big but there is no space to put a lot of stuff. And clothing collocation is limited, only suitable for casual clothing and other apparel completely cannot hold.

The all-match durable bag:

This kind of bag size, can hold things to do other, also by all-match. Good reach casually took out from the wardrobe of clothes and it can come together. Whether leisure wind, wind, wind is completely neutral lady can hold live.

This package is mainly what? A lot of girls can not touch the mind, which in fact is a big classic ah, so many years they are still sought after, in addition to anyone! Can be back in the body from the age of 18 -58 years old.

It is very expensive? There are two suggestions, one can according to their own economic situation to buy, two is to choose imitation (similar to a classical style, many other brands will have a similar one, it is not, a treasure of imitation. For collocation for you, not what can not be bought).

Many classic bags are super all-match, such as locomotive bag, chain bag, bag, backpack and so on, these packages regardless of whether you are any style can ride them, to one or two this type of package is enough for daily use. Students like MCM backpack, small single shoulder bag in Cambridge.

Find the common features of the above bag? Yes, of course the most all-match color is black bag!


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