Inventory in the history of the most classic 16 bags

A classic of the package in addition to a symbol of your taste and status, is it more enduringfashionSpirit.Throughout one hundred years history of fashion, summarizes the classic bag, have any of these 16, you will never walk in the forefront of the fashion.

In February 1955, ms chanel designed the new free small bag of both hands, she declared her yearning for freedom.2.55 diamond plaid with gold chain, will become a chanel enduring classic elements.

This handbag named after Boy Capel, chanel, miss beloved lover.As the successor of 2.55 bags, young naughty Boy style is very moving, instantaneousfashionFrenzy.

Birkin name taken from British actress Jane boykin, she once and hermes boss with a plane, her practical and described to him his mindfashionThe bag looks like.Birkin was born in 1984, since then invincible.

Hermes kelly bag is called “Courroie” originally, because of the love with Monaco Kate princess grace kelly, pregnancy often use it to cover the belly to escape the paparazzi lens, image spread all over the world, and changed its name to kelly.

Smiling face pack was born in 2008, inventor was just took the celine design director stick Pheobe Philo.Lines the bag shape is unique, pure and provide a variety of color combinations, both sides can “bat wings” income reduction into square bag, the function is all ready, so popular.

Bamboo package available since 1947, this bamboo pack will change from the classic version.Curved bamboo handle hand stitching by at least 140 pieces of bamboo, package using a crocodile, wild boar, pony skin or snake skin, let a person can be identified at a glance.

Alma is a block in Paris, and Paris, handbag since birth has become one of the largest bag LV sales, and advancing with The Times, from 1996, cowhide, 1997 board model 2008 patent leather, each model can capture the hearts of men.

In 1995, princess Diana on an official visit to Paris.The President’s wife, Bernard d, Mr Chirac gave her a dior specially for her handbag.Princess Diana likes it very much, from now on and carrots.

Took over in 2012, Hedi Slimane yves saint Laurent design director positions, designed the new bag, have a sense of line is a mark of yves saint Laurent, the space-time limit is not affected by seasonal multiple USES its favor by modern women.

Italian leather brand Tod ‘s founded in 1978, his classic bag Miky was born in 2000.The characteristics of this kind of bag is multifunctional, shoulder, arm in, can also be hand, its material process is faultless.

Spanish brand Loewe, founded in 1975, the classic bag Amazona sold so far, there are three kinds of size and a variety of color optional.Its nickname, “pillow bag”, “bomb package”, the “package” for 24 hours, 48 hours “package” and so on title proves it USES diversification.

In 2000, Nicolas Ghesquiere served as director of balenciaga design, designed the new bag it, traditional craft and modern modelling, conquered the world a woman’s heart.

Launched in 2007, the milan brand Prada Saffiano leather finished new handbag, crocodile and ostrich skin optional, very costly.

Ralph Lauren classic bag is Ricky (Lauren his wife’s name), Soft Ricky is a classic renovation design, even in Italy, it’s American style.

Verve package was unveiled in 2013, is quickly as the symbol of the brand handbags.It specially designed for dynamic modern woman, from the inside out are persuasive.

Soft leather and a large locks, crown famous blocks the Paddington near London’s Hyde park, is born since the spring of 2005 package locks.It combinesfashionAnd practicability, and the characteristics of the obvious, so into the classic.

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