Voila!Promised to talk to you at New York fashion week.


  To Coach, see the stars of the show a lot.Ah SA, wu jianhao are, Emma Roberts, gome miss love bean gathered to the fashion feast.


Delta charlene choi

  Ah SA splicing dress collocation of black leather, yellow leather make street tide girl figure.But unfortunately, not enough of slender legs or for the entire Look points.


Delta wu jianhao are

  Wu jianhao are time is irreversible.The live the counterflow he, at the core of the secret is enough to wear a Chic.The match is still cool handsome black and white, more touching with examples proved that not all men to wear leather pants into Mr Wang like that.


△Emma Roberts

  Emma wore a printed lace dress, has a strong rebellious girl sense.But not for three seconds, and destroying a everything right black silk stockings.If you are her iron powder, directly by hand it is good to see the bottom half covered up.


△Selena Gomez

  Silly face for elder sister finale!Chapter embroidery + army green dress rock for leather, simple small black bag with string RaoGeng Choker, a generous unpretentious, a new era of maverick punk girls coming to us, beautiful let a person want to call the police.

Because, “the little sister, you stole my heart.”

  Lick screen is easy to spoil the broth, pause.Let us focus to show.

The spring/summer 2017 series of half a year ago, Coach of the rocker rocks let’s surprise, feeling the stirs the American popular logo counter attack determination.This season’s Coach continues to deliver, to prove their strength has been thoroughly remould oneself completely, take all Rock up together in the future.

This season’s Coach, like spring and summer series some at first glance, it continues the exploration of American culture, shows the way American culture innovation exploration and humor of the spirit and attitude.

This one season is rich in elements have to make a person dazzling.We sometimes free shuttle between grassland and will, from time to time in American outdoor style and constantly changing in the hip-hop style restoring ancient ways, everybody has a time machine and any door.

Creative director Stuart Vevers explain brand culture with brand new concept, in this season model is expressed in a brand new attitude, let this season’s COACH, the personality is distinct, cool, and at the same time, the pursuit of detail and quality.


  Coach on girls for winter wool coat, printing and embroidery on animals, practical and stylish particularly warm, let a person shine at the moment.

The most rare is that qiu dong street, it is tried and the joker.Give you grabbed a on said you get sense of security.


  Play fun printing, geometric curve, falbala, dolls, plaid…Coach put these each have fans tide elements together, hard mix build, show a modern metropolis young woman “amorous feelings.


  Rivet jacket is the key to determine whether or not you become a punk girl.This certainly cannot little.

  In addition to fashion, this season of all kinds of bags and beauty to infinitely not along, estimates that will become the street snap hot style.


  Bag bag over the years more do more small, the Coach bag do mini than mobile phones.



  Replace a C word Logo, choose the most In the color of the bottom, with embroidery and animal ornament…Bought it, don’t have to worry about and square dance Boyle hit.


  All kinds of Size bags, Coach has given, and leisurely tide.Ask one of the girls will not move?

In pieces



  M.M artin is at first glance, let a person feel boring, but the fine goods brands will be full of praise for it.

It not grandstanding design, never hungry to follow trends, always down-to-earth, with the spirit of the original builders, doing fine fashion.

This season’s M.M artin, low-key atmosphere again, detail place inside collect luxuriant feeling, flicker daily or business commuter two fitting for the street, is really fashionable and fact wear fashion model.

Valuable is, although it is serious but not inflexible and drab, carefully from the fabric or clipping machine can always make girls look fresh and different.

We often in the pursuit of fashion, but the wardrobe must have such fashion to provide us with a steady stream of security – when you don’t know what to wear to decent, choosing it always true.

M.M artin fashion is such a reliable partner.


  Cut, cut, cut.The core of this is M.M artin fashion spirit.With this clean cut, we will be enough to believe M.M artin absolutely confident standing in a torrent of fashion, and rock-solid.

We have a saying in here: good thing is a good thing, after 30 years, is still a good thing.


  Color matching is not identifiable, this season is very gentle and refined.A lot of low-key, cream and stylish, tobacco and charcoal gray with present in people’s field of vision, like autumn breeze soft warm.

The saturation low pure and fresh and warm color, can not only with new surprises, all kinds of gorgeous colors and a single wear can also be separated on style.


  Plaid is one of the important elements of the season.It can make a classic suit and drab dress becomes more refined.Different from other case grain, M.M artin plaid this season is simple and clear single case grain, not fancy, but very clean and simple.

Commuting, a M.M artin plaid sheet is tasted can make you look and spell able and affinity.


  M.M artin choose the fabric is very exquisite, not close skin comfortable fabrics will never appear in the fashion of it.

This season’s M.M artin chose melton, velvet, merino wool, silk and fabrics such as corduroy, feel is rich and exquisite, comfortable.

If you are a fashion, should know.Good fabrics emitted by senior fashion sense, is more elaborate design also ratio not.

In pieces



  This one season, REDValentino presented contradictory two styles, early autumn series full of Chelsea hotel the amorous feelings, and qiu dong series chose Amish simple atmosphere of the community.

Watching you might think that designer schizophrenia.Because Chelsea hotel is home to those sleepless night and rock youth;The Amish community was the home of the Amish, they belong to a protestant Christian believers branch, refused to alcohol, refuse to cars, even refuse to mobile phones, folkway is rather conservative tradition.

Both the two extremes.

But even if not enough coherent, contrast is bigger, also does not affect its beauty.Read you will understand.


  Restraint of conservative coat questionable whether it belongs to the REDValentino, until he saw model of rivets and leather, just make us believe that this is indeed a REDValentino this season.

Exercise restraint and solemn elegant coat gave off the fragrance of love and charity.See more fashionable feeling empty REDValentino, such design lets a person find everything new and fresh.


  Roll over black embroidery approximation on the barn of the folk custom pattern symbols.Wear in the body like a thorn tattoo on your skin to self-motivation.Both chic and elegant, and very mysterious.


  REDValentino has all the defining characteristic of Valentino.Every season, exquisite embroidery, gauze element is not allow to miss, this one is no exception.

REDValentino this season’s design is obvious, of course, pay more attention to the fact wear resistance.You know, the girls are not easily wearing Valentino walking in the street, and REDValentino not too luxuriant design, greatly increase the possibility of the girls wear a street.


  The flowers must be some elements.A color chic floral dress, can in the lonely autumn adding vitality.


  Is worth pondering, symbol of the spirit of the mysterious snake in the bag bag this season.Full of wild and temptation, send out an irresistible appeal.

In pieces

Tommy Hilfiger


  Tommy did not participate in the New York fashion week this time.At the same time, it chooses in Los Angeles held a spring/summer big show.

Technically shouldn’t bring it in, but it really have to watch for the big show, and bloggers don’t talk out said “no” in the past!

  You are all to love beans can ah, don’t don’t want to see?


△Lady Gaga

  I big Gaga is back!Although normal indulging in honeydew style soon, but I fly big Gaga is so self, don’t care another eye star!(blogger is eccentric, not fun, huh)


Delta Ming xi

  Supermodel xiao Ming came to the event.Stamp denim + red sweater, a real reduction of age, female college students like sneaking out disco dancing.


Delta Jessica

  Jessica ernie is here!This striped dress Gigi also through the, two people is not a style.Gigi more tide, show shes more beautiful and graceful.


Delta zhang liangying

  Jane is here.Clothing has the progress recently, a fleece at least ten years younger, more capable of “lower body disappear” method to put on a pair of shorts, with long legs, much more youth!

However, hairstyles and shoes have a long story…Yao will plunge into a ponytail, head much more good-looking than the Spring Festival gala!



  Tommy Hilfiger this spring/summer 2017 show, chose in the sea of Los Angeles.

Light at the picture that you can get out, it shows the layout of really do not provide craftsmanship, as if a huge playground.All the guests don’t like to see show, more like to on holiday.

Sunshine beach, graffiti mural, lighting equipment, amusement facilities, and rollers, fireworks and acrobatics show, make the scene lively.A full of amorous feelings of the American west coast of the ultimate fashion event begins right here.


  This is a great show, it is a carnival.There was much burning?- even in the working state of the supermodel also involuntarily play high.


  You should have been found, Tommy Hilfiger is deeply rooted in the DNA is a kind of American spirit of fun.But this season is to develop the spirit to the extreme.

It to restore ancient ways, modern, rock, all sorts of elements of literature and art is to piece together, into every fashion again.See these fashion, you feel it thick American amorous feelings, you will boast it is great, but it is hard to clear where it sticks.

In the kingdom of dom telesco, amorous feelings ten million kinds of American style.With your visual impact and challenge your imagination, your adrenaline surge…And you had no control, in addition to love, no choice.


  Orange, dark green, bright yellow, dark blue, several are Tommy Hilfiger’s signature.This one season, stylist to rearrange them, printed on a wide variety of long skirt and a T-shirt, with stripes dividing line.Everything is sending out the youth vigor.


  Relaxed and printing is one of the remarkable elements for this season.Always preferred the bright colors of the Tommy Hilfiger play a small clear fresh air and beautiful no unambiguous.


  Joined the embroidery tannins series are focus from beginning to end.The fashionable move feeling, necessary act young.



  The most notable is the Gigi joint design this time.Last time after the success of cooperation, this time again Gigi and Tommy to launch a joint, visual and fire to the rhythm of the out of stock.This time the big show, Gigi also invited sister Bella come together.

In pieces



  There areMICHAEL KORSIs worth saving, qiu dong series of MK will lie fallow into urban society elite outfit, all are modern women to MK, accentuated with clothes break the boring.


△Blake Lively

  The birth ofBlake Lively temperament of the queen, a broken flower waist skirt show the perfect shape, let bloggers have to admire!


Delta New York socialite Olivia Palermo

  New York socialite Olivia Palermo in black and white classical collocation to pick out what flaw, wide skirts of the waist belt seems to be similar to the MK qiu dong series some oh!


  Cloak of long coat and waist coat own aura, using one side of the line and belt show a woman hale and hearty, holding a briefcase walked leisurely, the way of female President of visual sense in both eyes.


  Classic practical recreational style has always been a MK invariable style, plaid suit choose low-key color display was a cool gentle beauty.


  Tassel detail is one element of this series can not be ignored, not a Bohemian combination of different region amorous feelings, it is full of elegant feeling, show a woman is clever and aesthetic feeling.

In pieces

Marc Jacobs


  Marc Jacobs has always impress the crowd in a peculiar manner and the New York fashion week is no exception, and other brand elaborate decorate gorgeous T stage is not the same,Marc JacobsChose to stage in the streets, not even a model professional background, directly in a chair on his street, not the kui is the runway side “mud”!


  Since the openingMarc JacobsIs different from other brands, bloggers and everybody chewed it is not the same place!Common case grain, there is a knitting elements such as nature, but can think corduroy such elements of restoring ancient ways is rare.So meimei corduroy jacket is indeed long grass, can let a person can’t help but have a childhood memories (oh oh, carelessly and exposed the age, no matter, anyway, bloggers like, is so capricious)!


  Other details are worthy of attention, such as almost every hemp bean modelling some knitting round hat, fashion fashion is not guess, good collocation, natural with expensive gas flow, if not sure good scale, hard to avoid can seem old-fashioned.


  Then there is the extremely hip-hop style of daikin, local tyrants completely, this is no ordinary people Hold yo!The key still depends on temperament!Blogger advice, choose the accessories need to be careful!

For more  information, vist ANGTI&YANG



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