2017 of the latest trends, classic stripe element new match!

Said to never out of fashion, classical and fashionable elements.

Have to mention is — –

Stripe element from the 1960 s have been popular ever since

It can be a very good fusion with any item

Make it has its own unique style

Fashionable and attitude

  1. Vertical stripes

    Compared with horizontal stripe, vertical stripe will people get more stretched,

    The temperament of the whole people easily can show,

And show high and shows,

Compared with horizontal stripes texture is more advanced

Vertical stripes suit girl must not be missed, workplace v-neck design more along with the gender won’t appear inflexible

If think black and white stripe is too formal

You can choose to brown white or brown black stripe T-shirt of tie-in and recreational

Looks give a person the feeling more comfortable with sex

Made from leather or pure color suit set, more personality, have their own unique style

Can also be different styles of different vertical stripes sheet is tasted collocation

Won’t appear abrupt, will be more capable of attitude

2. The chromatic stripe

Compared to the previous black and white, blue and white, red and white striped sheet is tasted.

Chromatic stripe is more interesting, mysterious, vivid

With simple style of item is ok

Navy wind stripe

Simple in style of navy wind stripe to quickly go out of the girl is absolutely cannot little

A little item the modelling of decoration such as belt can keep you full marks

Shirt skirt is for lady

Collect waist style or add a belt to modify waist leg length

Want to keep warm

In shirt skirt in can take a base color turtleneck sweater

With a long coat, flat shoes, casual shoes can be

Don’t forget to fasten belt

This fold wear to keep you warm and type

Stripe in build and coat

Stripe coat and base color inside

Stripe coat plus wide-legged pants

Striped shirt and blue jeans

Striped pants and other coat

Disclaimer: this article is written by enterprises in sohu public platform, the author of, in addition to the sohu’s official account, view on behalf of the author only, does not represent sohu position.
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