European and American fashion street snap, 20 s girl’s dress

Europe and the world’s people pay more attention to the release of personal charm, each man is the only independent individual, from clothing collocation are everywhere this kind of independent consciousness, don’t follow flow, even if is not the mainstream of 10-year have a fashionable side, today small make up take you to look over the European and American 20 s fashion girl is how to dress!

Brown hair looks brim, the white sweater with the green gauze skirt, look fresh and lovely.

After the spring equinox would need such a knitting cardigan, lukewarm cardigan can provide great convenience, both charm and personality of knitting cardigan, a skirt is more sexy fashion, have yan stylish romantic enough to not be the bright static good time.

Black T-shirt cowboy braces skirt collocation, it lively minus age, different interpretations, the same wonderful.How to stand still can’t get tired of, again, after all, is the youth.

Short paragraph knitting sweater, a white shirt, revealing a quantity shirt, fashionable and individual character, tie-in hole jeans, no problem to promotion cool wind.

White knitting sweater, deserve to go up outside the plaid skirt with shoulder-straps, warm spring can make you look nifty and beautiful, also easy reduction of age.

To keep out the cold and rocks a, through secondary processing sweater, seems to “dive”, is fashionable favorite melodramatic.

Jean jacket is every girl necessary sheet is tasted, can show MOE, and can be cool, joker and good-looking, sometimes also can play a little pure and fresh.

As a beautiful people, time and tide, natural won’t miss every chance to show their own unique taste, dust coat has become the standard at this moment.

Take off the coat of massiness, played the gentle knit, neckline and hem to reveal a little lace, tie-in black leggings stretch out, look graceful and charming.

With fashion inspiration outfit 】 【 reading life, let the life can have a ripple, I wish to be a small stone, you heart ripple, inspiration outfit WeChat public number: CHIC0802, focus on the fashion information at any time to obtain a newbest.

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