Fleece + skirt is the most popular 2017 mix combination!Fashionable and have feminine taste!

As leisure sports wind sweeping the fashion circle, 2017 of the most popular top item not comfortable the fleece of willfulness and reduce youth age: although the wind is a typical neutral movement, but also very joker solid wear, can play many kinds of collocation is possible.Among them,whoCombined with the mixing of the skirt, it is one of the most popular collocation, energetic and do not lose fashionable woman flavour

Although fleece temperament far apart with the style of the dress, but the two mixed together can perfect harmony without acosmia sense, one plus one is greater than two ideal effect

Both handsome and feminine taste, also suitable for everyday, there is no doubt that fleece + skirt mix combination has become a fashionable women travel standard.And so studious easy to navigate through routine, we how can easily in the spring miss wanting?!

What type of fleece tie-in dress effect best?

The fleece version – there are a lot of style, although all have their own advantages characteristic, but if you want to mix with skirt effect more give prize, a sister or suggest the preferred the following two styles:

Brief paragraph fleece

The first recommendation is to fleece the midriff length short, the most suitable match with skirt of tall waist bust.The great advantage of this fleece is can improve your waist line on the vision, to create all legs from the waist down both visual sense.And it won’t block your skirts, can show a dress to the greatest extent is clever and elegant, modelling also will be more efficient and concise.

To the special note is, however, if your belly is more proud flesh, then who the clothes may not be too short for you.Especially like this also choose material is tight skirt, it would be easier to expose your proud flesh problem.

Oversized profile fleece

Oversized profile fleece is nowadays the design of the most popular version of the model, the wide version not only show thin effect of hidden meat, and dress collocation also can present a languid is lazy spontaneously and more fashionable type fan.

Want to wear a good proportion, can put the fleece in part to the hem of the dress, but remember to create a casual feeling, otherwise the effect will be discounted.

And if you match the miniskirt, you can choose this long profile fleece and collocation of the fold wear, just show a little bit of the hem of the dress can sculpt rich administrative levels sense, more show beautiful beautiful youth.

Fleece + fashionable dress = capital

Youth is nifty and do not lose feminine taste!

Fleece + leather skirt

Itself cool leather skirt and fleece collocation are together, make you handsome double at the same time can also add some sexy charm.You can also like a supermodel liu in combination with a red lipstick, not ease sunken modelling style could easily wear a queen.

Mix more can wear a suit jacket open hanging aura.

Leather skirt itself is a sexy handsome impression to the person, want to wear a youthful vitality feeling, might as well again tie-in and recreational style of sports shoes to neutralize.

Fleece also can choose this is the color of beautiful beautiful girl, would look more playfulness.

Like handsome style of girl, can match a pair of ankle boots to reveal uninhibited personality.

Because the material of leather skirt is crisp and with a certain burnish feeling, so even if choose concolorous fleece also won’t feel boring.

Or you can directly choose fleece with a printed pattern to add a lot of fun, modelling is nifty and lovely, very eyes.

Fleece + pleated skirt

Fleece and restoring ancient ways is pleated skirt is perfect mix combination of literature and art.Elegant and romantic pleated skirt under the blessing of fleece, appear more clever and lively, young girl heart is dye-in-the-wood.Even if choose plain coloured section can be the basis of beauty into a street view.

But since it is already spring, elder sister or encourage you to try a lot more beautiful beautiful beautiful color.And because the fleece itself is relatively neutral hale sheet is tasted, can avoid too pink color breed of sweet greasy feeling.

As with the light green building fastens with color collocation, very pure and fresh and beautiful, give a person a kind of tranquil visual enjoyment.

Lavender is special and beautiful color, soft irresistible.

Fleece may also be a build to match your early spring coat, with a pleated skirt mix build double charm of beauty and handsome.

Fleece + package hip skirt

Package hip skirt and outline fleece can realize “panasonic tight on” classic show thin collocation, contracted and the atmosphere and the woman flavour is dye-in-the-wood.

Choose the lace detail package hip skirt more add delicate feeling.

With vented or fishtail skirt design package hip skirt, for young girls tend to be more mature, and with a profile of the fleece and mix build, can be much more lively youth.

Plain fleece can mix some more special dress style design.Like contracted style can choose this relatively low-key stripe printed.

With the spring the most appropriate is printed elements, tie-in white fleece can give a person the good impression of more pure and fresh and clever.

This blingbling sequined skirt is absolutely your personality winning weapon, help you in the crowd to stand out, and the collocation of advanced grey fleece, helps improve the texture of the shape.

Fleece + rich skirt

Wide skirt can we add an elegant temperament, and also is able to cover our legs.While the look with fleece mix build, can weaken the sense of skirt, the collocation of make you appear more approachable.

With fleece skirt to mix with printing element in people’s life as if they will wear in the spring.

Fleece + the a-line skirt

With fleece mix the a-line skirt is nifty and youth most, so the party may be A reference for the MM collocation formula is especially suitable for students.

A word skirt of sweet too much A few minutes after the match fleece willfulness, able to bear or endure look more atmosphere.

With a pair of high heels, not only the goddess temperament conspicuous, but also better able to stretch your leg ministry line, suction eye index full marks.

Fleece + fairy skirt

Finally take the elder sister is particularly recommended with oversized fleece + mixed combination of fairy skirt.With a neutral wind on the fleece with dust is very romantic long skirt, will be the most popular Femleisure style, namely we often say niang man (i.e., both feminine and neuter toward) style incisively and vividly.

The fairy skirt here refers to the more commonly is delicate and gorgeous, elegant aesthetic perspective dress and veil.Collocation fleece absolutely can let you to lead out,To the best of show nifty and lively or romantic elegant diverse charm。

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