D | collocation jean jacket – early spring had better wear item no…

With new cowboy coat let me very satisfied, can’t help but to DaoLao a few words of this early spring best wear item!Speaking is a cliche, but jean jacket is indeed a wardrobe essential one.In five years, eight years is never out of season.

Coat:J BrandfromREVOLVECap:Hat AttackPants: Noend flip photo albums over the years, found that the one of jean jacket is not generally high.

Because it is really good ah, no matter you are to accompany street sense of fleece, fashionable shirt, never even acosmia feeling, to suit instead of a lazy leisure gives fully.

From light to dark, and it is how to match how rational, how to wear all can’t go wrong.

If you really want to pursue different, jean jacket is also very good modification!The simplest way to “tear up”, as long as the cut lines, use a needle or fine processing, hair comb do suck eyes immediately!Of course, you should have superb technology, or it really change clothes ~ “destroyed”

Or write down some words in propylene, cut the alphabet cloth collage, increases the cowboy coat of street sense.

Manual and patient’s friend, also might as well do some beaded or embroidery (a treasure to have sold a lot of ready-made embroidery yo, just sew on the clothes, don’t need a little bit of embroidery design).

Such modification, make sure your jeans is fashionable and unique!Um……The premise…You have to have a jeans!

Left:TularosaRight:Understaned Leather

For more  information, vist ANGTI&YANG




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