Learn how to fit the 11 kinds of style, let your spring LOOK pure and fresh and elegant

Through the long winter, came to the warm spring, people say spring dress, spring is the season to perform fashion and personal style.Because spring is sunny, flowers and trees in bloom and a season for revival, our mood also become bright and clear.Although is clothing, but also want to have a purpose to assert their individuality and style, today small make up take you learn fashion people about spring 2017 fashion wear, to achieve your different lovely style.

1 small sexy outfit

Survived the dreary winter, beautiful girls on the street are beginning to dew dew leg, so we also want a little sexy.Choose a sexy dress, such as tank tops and sleeveless turtleneck dress, etc., and then to enjoy the performance of your sexy and tie-in high-heeled shoes woman flavour.

2 lady fan shirt skirt collocation

Enjoy a leisurely day, wear your loose shirt skirt, tie-in and casual shoes, let your leisure wear comfortable and beautiful.

3 a vibrant yellow

Yellow is vibrant bright color, as well as spring and summer fashion colour, for spring, you can try a yellow dust coat or suit and bottoms of neuter color collocation, can give people positive positive energy.

4 more bold more outstanding

Option a waist umbrella skirt restoring ancient ways collocation sleeveless T-shirt, can give you 80 s style restoring ancient ways, skirts choose some bold prints and bright color combination, the flower printing is suitable for the spring flowers in full bloom, such collocation is can let a person shine at the moment.

5 white jeans LOOK

Spring is suitable for wearing a white jeans, match button shirt or blouse, is handsome and elegant feel to the person, want to also must be more conspicuous some exquisite deserve to act the role of, such as the ornament of watches and handbags, etc.

6 all white LOOK

Spring need to avoid the heavy layer of clothing, choose a few light cotton and linen dress and sweater, with some white bottoms, can let you become pure and fresh and lady.

7 hole jeans LOOK

Spring wear a comfortable and free, is the theme of the hole jeans come in handy at this time, ripped jeans is the sort of European and American fashionistas street snap sheet is tasted, collocation some t-shirts and jackets, leisure can effortlessly stylish feeling to the person.

8 all black LOOK

All black outfit is very chic and cool in the spring, choose a black tights, tie-in black coat, fashion for those lazy sister would come effortlessly, if deserve to act the role of, feel a little monotonous can match some comparative color such as red, gray shoes, bags, etc.

9 chic outfit wind

For some business women, elegant chic is an office in a common style.For the spring, can use a white pants to go with a suit jacket or trench coat, but to achieve elegant chic, attention should be paid to the version of each item type are super!

10 enjoy flower printing

Floral print is the spring popular pop elements, very fair maiden and enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, so do not spare your flowers, such as a flower printed trousers, jacket, etc., can let you bloom in the spring.

11 romantic dress collocation

The spring can try some dresses with romance, such as flowers, lace, and irregular shape of the dress, can show your romantic lady.


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