During the rounds and wear out of so many modelling, Gigi fashion through here

2017 New York fashion week

Wearing her boyfriend Zayn Malik T shirt body now the autumn/winter 2017 New York fashion week

Handsome furs and black trousers.

Oversize inside take and wine red pilot suit handsome to explode, don’t forget that the same color of riding boots

Autumn/winter 2017 New York fashion week, red wide-legged trousers and white coat this woman fan.Turtleneck echo ankle and black high heels, instantly turns into a bully female President.

Walk the Max Mara show themselves the most comfortable one, will be big this year heat a loophole in the jeans you bought?This pair of trousers’ favorites but high!

Gigi and her boyfriend body now the Versace, two people hand in hand forever sweet out to let a person envy ah

Gigi and sisters are all seduction of Alexander Wang, simplicity and easy is the joker in the same shoes.

Saint Laurent bags in black, really cool enough, even if is such also has a red sunglasses and bind the ornament of shoes

Tommy Hilfiger, own brand is natural to do full endorsement!A navy blue overalls youth live wave

Hand in hand with her boyfriend, all show a proud!Ha, ha, ha

A suit of Tommy Hilfiger!Institute of live wave is nifty and lovely girl ~ wind

Grow a coat of white gauze with high heels and a word is very cool and refreshing, light blue jeans is a revolt of pure beautiful form.

Stuart Weitzman long leg boots will never be outdated, smoke gray is the nods eyeball pen.

Tommy Hilfiger sandals and Miu Miu bag, the feeling of summer very much

For more  information, vist ANGTI&YANG




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