L see Paris show again “fairy attack,” the beautiful is a bit different

Paris fashion week, l was invited to attend the fairy elder sisterDior 2017The modelling of qiu dong series big xiu, this time she has a bright spot, is neither a bitter fleabane bitter fleabane dress, also is not neutral suit, but a fairy and handsome mix build,DiorElegant chiffon dress in a skinny jeans, and wearing short black leather jacket, the fairy a little cool this time!

The fairy, see a showlookSkirt of paper is very popular this year+Pants paperStack method, don’t think it is only suitable for shows concave shape, actually everyday can wear out the street, fashion the essence already play up.If you also want to wear something new, try to mix together.

Pants paper+The thin veil

The first recommendation is fairy see show a semipermeable veil+Jeans, very suitable for spring, thin gauze skirt is popular this year, single wear not too formal and sweet greasy, jeans and mix is a lot of daily, if there is no big long legs advice to avoid open leg pants, easy to appear bloated, pants that had better choose to cultivate one’s morality or straight, more agile, and beautiful and handsome~

Play in a bloggerLeandra MedineIs capable of that, the black veil with small jacket mixed white trousers and pointed single shoes, black and white combination contracted senior, with dust~

Soft profile sweater and veil, jeans mix build, along with the gender style with elegant feeling~

Pants paper+dress

Wear dress now single is still a little cold, if tired of wearing socks, render pants of the cultivate one’s morality article might as well change or straight jeans to mix build, appearing in the graceful and restrained, handsome, the street moment is different~

Metal material for the whole bodylookFashionable feeling, can choose to compare cultivate one’s morality hang down long dress style, appear more slender body~

Pants paper+Shirt skirt

To say everyday is the most easy and pants paper groupcpIs shirt skirt, joker shirt skirt can along with the gender and pure and fresh, can also be fashionable handsome, can also create administrative levels sense, easily manage all kinds of style~

Pants paper+Short skirt

If think long skirt is not easy to control, but the knee skirt also is right choice, more efficient reduction of age,LeandraIn profile sweater fold between straight 8 minutes of pants and wear the short skirt of a pure and fresh, has a lasting appeal~

Color can choose the same color or nearly color, make the body more slender more senior, little can also be easilyholdlive~

Pants paper+Open fork skirt

Open fork skirt is just for the mix combination, the design of tall waist split inside take pants will show out, line can extend from waist to ankle, show thin leg length, stylish atmosphere~ Color can come to some simple color, such as white denim blue, black and orange, and so on~

If like contracted style, the same as color is the best choice, outside the gray pants with split series, handsome have a type, walking with the wind than you have, and it is advanced~

For more  information, vist ANGTI&YANG



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