Popular this year fashion short one more fashionable!

Heard of a smaller size more fashionable, nowadays all leave this large coat, like oversize is the best example, but this kind of clothes wear hypertrophy, struggled with for a small girl.This is to recommend a smaller size of the item, more feminine and more nifty feeling, proportions of temperament will be more charming!

Coat a smaller size – bare midriff

Wearing oversize is really cool, wet, but coat a smaller size is more charming!Such as: use a sexy bare midriffs trousers collocation, sexy handsome.Models of display from the show can explain, bare midriffs are competing to deduce, alternately leisure and elegant and sexy, this year not fire just strange!

From left to right: DKNY, fall 2016 and spring 2017, Christian Dior, 2016 spring Jil Sander

Bare midriffs tie-in pants outfit is proportional artifact, stretch the leg proportion is below the chest is big long legs.But confident women in abs, natural and graceful lines than backless waist more sexy.Ken bean this white + grey color low-key more can highlight her slender waist, original proportion is very good to her, so a wear just confirms that, under the chest are long legs.

Wear bare midriffs to note, the dew is here to show the part of belly button above, part of the stomach also took up and down, so bare midriffs coat collocation must match tall waist trousers, oh.

Bare midriffs tie-in dress to wear is more suitable for spring, bare midriffs choose the collocation of material a bit thick coat, suit jacket, also won’t feel cold.

Want to wear outside directly go to the long sleeves, tall waist skirt collocation, especially suitable for lower body fat body thin girl, fashionable and thin.

Collocation is capable of suit jacket + bare midriffs matchs skirt, trousers are very handsome, show waist line sexy and hot.

Complete suit + bare midriffs capable woman flavour, no lack of mature can find fashionable sexy side.

A complete set of denim + black bare midriffs personality black thick with short boots and leisure, even the same material mix also is not afraid of boring.

Overalls + bare midriffs nifty and reduction of age, the youth feels dye-in-the-wood.

Finally, light waist are not enough, if you have enough confidence to the big long legs also revealed, shuangjian combination more show figure, oh.

Short pants a piece – nine minutes of pants

Trouser suits to choose nine points long will show high this you should all know!

Short pants to choose a match of any shoe is very good-looking, tennis shoes, boots, heels, etc to show the most show thin ankle more show long legs.

Brief paragraph coat + nine points jeans very long legs, ankle above the proportion of skin just fill the sense of vision is poor.

For a heavy coat or sweater, nine points height also effectively reduce the weight on the vision, a DiuDiuDe show ankle proportion is more perfect.

If you are afraid of the cold, might as well add double interesting socks, but should pay attention to the color oh, so that we can make double fashionable.

In addition to wear everyday can match socks, you also can match this year super fishnet stockings to the fire.

Tie-in sneakers better, especially in the VANS, PUMA, adidas and other classic sneakers.

Feel can hold live net short socks, also can try long socks, tie-in hole jeans is cool!

Dare to wear fashionable essence can also learn Ken long beans that fishnet stockings dressed than jeans, revealing a quantity more sexy.

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