Cashmere sweater, sweater not only render unlined upper garment

Not only can render wear cashmere sweater, sweater, don’t look at you out again.

Presumably every love beautiful girl wardrobe, always little not a few pieces of color, design fashion sweater or a cashmere sweater, how collocation gives the feeling of fashion?A lot of girls have a tired sleep the feeling of love, today small make up teach you how to collocation gives a delicate, fashion of you!

  1. Sweater when skirt

If you’re smart, sweater enough long enough, can choose directly put on lazy big sweater knee-high boots collocation, you are under a fashion person.Of course, if you really can’t accept other people’s eyes, similar with this one

That’s right, is to give you a long sweater and a bottom, match again a pair of boots.

2. The sweater and skirt

Tie-in fluffy broadly skirt, a brief paragraph sweater or directly to sweater plug into the skirt, so this dress make you radiate a sense of youth… show tall and thin

Type A girl in choosing A broad skirt to select the mini skirt is not recommended, O had stomach sister try to dress up.

This outfit is really quite simple, find a suitable for your dress, the location of the appropriate adjustment of dress.

Tall waist line is a must, not necessarily can also casual wear your sweater, with brief paragraph broadly skirt, have little stomach type 0 girl might as well try.

3. The sweater and package hip skirt

Office worker do you still want to spell able and have feminine taste, pencil skirt is your choice.

4. The sweater and skirt

Brief paragraph sweater with high dress

5. Sweater and a pipe for the pants

Smoke tube pants this kind of pants pants, also can choose a little loose sweaters.Although it is difficult to hold the style.

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