This spring, white shoe what to wear?Match which item is most suitable for the most fashionable!

Believe that every girl should involve a pair of white shoes

The joker and modern sheet is tasted

What like collocation are very good-looking

Today will take you to see in the spring

Small white shoes with what’s most modern sheet is tasted the most appropriate!


White shoe + long coat

Who says long coat cannot balancing shoes?

The combination of long coat and white shoe is very “tacit understanding”

The little girl is no exception

Zhou long grey coat with white slacks and a white shoe

Contracted and fashionable, his trousers rolled up show long legs is known to all

Navy long coat with white shoe

The combination of the two color contracted and temperament

The color of camel’s hair long coat collocation small white shoes

Whether inside take pants or dress as a whole

Will be more pure and fresh and elegant

White woolen cloth coat and pink pants and white shoe

A backpack, youth aggressive

Black and white to match the feeling is very cool


White shoe + jeans

The small white shoes with jeans

This is the combination of the most classic and is not easy to get wrong

As the country’s most star will be wearing jeans

Song jia also like best choose small white shoes to match

Jeans with a pair of white shoe travel convenience

Leisure and van

If this is the loose style can roll up your trousers

This looks more fine ankle

Stretch the proportion of the lower body

Jin Xiaomei Kendall Jenner


Miranda Kerr



White shoe + wide-legged pants

Coat + wide-legged trousers and a pair of sports shoes

Modern extraordinary

Small white shoes make you feel more clean

This combination will note the waist adjust the proportion of the whole body

The upper part of the best inside the clothes wear short coat or plug

Take the belt split ratio is also very smart

Irene Kim

Kendall Jenner


The small white + dress shoes

Not only feel the dress collocation white shoe very fashionable

And the role of reduction of age

When dating or shopping can beauty and comfort to give attention to two or morethings

Like Miranda Kerr meimei dalai

This is white look fresh and energetic

Dress + white shoe make you relaxed become a focus in the streets

For more  information, vist ANGTI&YANG


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