This small bag trend is very wide straps to ah!

Now the world, the chain with wide straps tie. To say what kind of strap with packet is the most fit, I believe most people still remain in the of course chain ~But, packet situation this year seems to be in the “act in a diametrically opposite way”, the latest CP packet – wide straps has been successful “host”, has become a favorite bag strap


As the originator of the strap Fendi just ended a few days ago in the autumn and winter of 2017 show, a handbag trend, the surprise is this season double F full return pattern! But you can see the wide straps representative still exist, and the common point is almost all in a relatively small size handbags

As early as 17 years before the spring and autumn and winter show 16 years earlier, the Fendi packet with wide straps trend appeared.

Of course, the unique Fendi preference can not represent the entire popular throughout the year T trend, combined with small wide straps actually appeared in many brands of handbags style

Small bag body collocation with wide straps, this combination of contrast not only adorable, increasing the usefulness of the strap in the bag is so beautiful in the shoulder has been enlarged

Diagonal pressure

Back chain package must have the same chain, beauty is beautiful, but it is OK Le meat!Especially when the bag installed more a bit heavy, really say ~ hi Pu Ben is now wide straps popular, smoothly done or easily solved the problem

“Recent street goods” Queen Yang Mi’s film, in addition to net socks and shoes is very eye-catching, carries a new Prada wide strap bags is conspicuous

Yu Bo Chiara Ferragni here in Milan when shopping was photographed with the large power power were chosen with different color, pink bag with pink fur collocation of cute, and the bag of blue and white band patterns become the highlight of the whole look

Marc Jacobs camera bag is last packet “explosion of body wide straps”, after the introduction of a lot of stars are personally “buyers show”. Poems with a smile is very beautiful, but the lack of the United States and the United States is covered by the ~ Da wide straps

The correct demonstration here, the same will bag back in the coat, remember to go back a bag, let the beauty of the bag and strap show (Xuan Yao).


The messenger bag back, wide straps small really appropriate ~ is not only let other more type and will play on the bag pulled after the waist can promote the whole people, will look more tall

Qi Wei is the “postman” carrying Fendi light blue wide straps with color Lacoste bag collocation sweater, wearing Fenty x Puma shoes, barelegged small sexy show ~ whole fresh and very simple

Shoulder more beautiful.

The wide straps shoulder bag with diagonal benefits actually similar, the biggest advantage is still Relieve Shoulder pressure. But personally think that the shoulder back method is really beautiful wide straps completely displayed, as if in every hour and moment saying look at me, look at me”

Before Valentine’s day, Liu Yifei for the Dior Lady Dior Small the Qixi Festival handbags Limited publicity, one has to be beautiful Oh, the collocation Lady Dior wide straps is not only a bit more elegant and neat

Compared with the diagonal will give people a little playful, single shoulder strap width package will be more suitable and simple style of woman, more momentum

And when you are walking a small sexy, single shoulder point method is also more suitable than diagonal to.

Hand pose

The front seems to be focused on the wide straps above, don’t forget to say today also is on the parcel. The biggest advantage of small, in addition to outside on the shoulder can get back in the hand pose. Burberry launched last year Patchwork Bag series is one of the representatives of

Whether it is illustrated or show to our home and abroad, official display is in hand, take note that is ~ in the hand

When Winnie Harlow attended the event model of a simple black and white dress full of aura, his hand is Patchwork Bag

Wuli this street super good cousin have all black dress shoes, but with wide straps bags have elements to choose flowers and black, this will take a very casual handbag in hand


A hand bag is called the pose weapon, then wide straps abandons the practicability, is completely reduced to a decorative

The combination of the most perfect demonstration from the 2017 Dior spring show, a small square bag on the tarot cards with large width straps, adhering to the brand elegant style and added a lot of dynamic elements, a second will hit your heart of girl

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