Your jeans in the off season! Liu Shishi Yang Mi Song Jia in the 5 NEW

Spring, before buying a new pair of jeans, you really want to see what the trend this year? The recent Fashion Week Street, whether it is Victoria Song, Yang Mi, Song Jia, Tian Jing and other domestic star, or show the trendsetter with, of 5 jeans favored, they wear fashionable, worth in the new season shopping list.

Liu Shishi at the airport to Chlo street in the cloak of loose burrs collocation jeans, Chanel suitcase and Opening Ceremony silver small bag looks pleasing light.

Victoria Song airport styling with a black velvet suit, in a short section of Off-White black sweater and jeans washing midriff burr wide leg pants, a suit will a fashionable street sense.

Bai Baihe airport to other Chanel pink duffel coat, a black and white striped T-shirt, jeans and white shoes Vetements let other more casual, Gabrielle handbags (26800CNY) dotting.

Yang Mi in camel coat, blue and white vertical stripes shirt collocation the hot season and ripped jeans, Rihanna x Puma Prada Plex Ribbon shoes and red calfskin bag are trendy.

Song Jia’s trip is the choice of straight jeans, nude color, white and blue washing powder gives a very clean feeling. Louis Vuitton Twist chain package for other color.

Refreshing clearing in a T-shirt and skinny jeans with Lim Yoona Dior coat under the other hand, the chain J’adior messenger bag is a stylish dual standard.

Tian Jing Saint Laurent black motorcycle jacket collocation the hot flash Unravel tight jeans, Stuart Weitzman blue and Gentle Monster with a high-heeled sandals sunglasses have become eye-catching items.

Liu Yifei in the perspective of dress collocation under tight jeans style, for the sense of hierarchy has brought new ways.

Ni Ni with deep blue flight jacket, a white T-shirt and skinny jeans style is very refreshing, a pair of white shoes can create a fresh texture.

Jiang Shuying wearing MO&Co. suit coat collocation is Chanel white T-shirts and baggy jeans, this comfortable supremacy of the other.

Zhao Liying in loose pants suspenders jeans Moschino collocation sweater, shape easily.

Wang Ou Claudie Pierlot sweater collocation cowboy pants by other broad azure stones limited Valextra Iside (21500CNY) white eye-catching handbags.

Yuan Shanshan AMI Gray Hoodie collocation Peacebird jeans, foot Balenciaga white boots, white Delvaux handbag is recently very red “Mutin” section.

Edition 10 asymmetry has become an important style of Ma Su burr jeans in the modeling of a single product.

Zhang Li MO&Co. plaid coat is very suitable for spring, flash jeans just good collocation.

Whether take enough wear read more than 14 stars? We summarized the 5 styles from the next, let us look at the street in what a trendsetter.

<strong> These 5 popular jeans</strong>

<strong> People are in such a</strong>

<strong> No.1 this season: the most favored jeans.</strong>

There is no doubt that the impact of Vetements flash jeans in this season is a fashion week one of the highest rate of appearance of jeans style, with a worn DIY texture, suddenly become the most all-match single product, easy to let the other street upgrade.

<strong> This season features: splicing, asymmetric ends, loose cut, seven minutes or nine minutes in length</strong>

Tiffany Hsu street has always been wearing bold printed shirts and jeans outfit flash for the spring to bring new ideas. J.W. Anderson Mini Pierce chain bag still has a high popularity.

In the classic trench coat collocation sweater and jeans color flash, can be “activated” your old wardrobe.

Flash jeans sweater collocation printing state easily, can wear gold and silver thread pointed shoes stockings, which can make the modeling more eye-catching.

Collocation Gucci le fu shoes, small white stockings and jeans with a flash point cool attitude.

The wind is still very popular in pajamas, collocation with lace top burr jeans, able to go out in the outside robe.

The flash tweed coat and jeans, not the design feeling very fit?

The jeans and white shoes also match flash.

<strong> No.2 thin it: Wide Leg Jeans</strong>

Although many people feel wide leg pants wearing thin, but after is not the case, the key point is the collocation the wrong shoes. Winter pointed boots don’t close up, the influx of people are using it to collocation wide leg jeans, you see, is not the vision has reached the stovepipe effect?

<strong> This season features: hole, embroidery, high waist</strong>

Giovanna Battaglia with high waisted wide leg jeans jacket collocation, smart division proportions, particularly long legs.

Gucci Rejina Pyo sweater collocation blast hole wide leg pants let other herd shot in the street many talent shows itself an easy job to do.

Spring is the most suitable for the release of their own heart of girl season, wide leg jeans collocation workmanship complex Pink Chiffon coat, with a silver pointed shoes to eye.

Slogan and Tee are essential for spring and summer sweaters, wide leg jeans are fashionable collocation.

You can also select tooling of strong strap wide leg jeans, if love female collocation point, can replace the tip high-heeled shoes, but remember trouser.

<strong> No.3 Magic: Longshanks flared jeans</strong>

On behalf of the 70s hippie style of a single product, to today is still very classic, whether collocation Hoodie or pilot jacket is this season’s street wear model. But the length of this season is seven points or length, or length, there is no middle ground ambiguous.

<strong> This season features: seven points, or full flash</strong>

Seven flared jeans both collocation hoodies jacket are a match or pilot.

The same is with the length of the horn will not mix sweater to live up to a great spring.

If you want a special form, remember with everyone in the wearing fishnet stockings this year.

Wide shoulder jacket is a bit more popular, flared jeans just for collocation.

You can see it is collocation blazer or baseball jacket can be said to be the most “not picky eaters” good partner.

<strong> No.4: most people do not pick to wear straight jeans</strong>

It is hard to imagine the plain looking straight jeans this season and return to the essential list, although is a bit ordinary jeans, but wins in it does not pick up what figure, are not to be wrong, which will give you more space to play in the upper part of the collocation.

<strong> This season features: color texture</strong>

Stylist Diletta Bonaiuti this season with primary straight jeans take Loewe Muller shoes, wine red socks Qiangjing very, handbag is Loewe Joyce.

Straight jeans will turn up, is one of the designer J.W. Anderson led the trend, Gucci and fishnet stockings shoes for other.

Retro jacket and jeans collocation need a pair of cool sandals to other color.

Remember the spring and summer use color, it will make the basic models of single product collocation more modeling sense.

The cowboy and the cowboy collocation of the season is worth trying, but don’t forget the details is the key to success.

<strong> No.5 everyone must: tight jeans</strong>

Like straight jeans, tight jeans pants is a classic must-have, but want to have fashion sense really need to use their brains. Following the collocation trendsetter has fully proved this point.

<strong> This season features: washing, snow texture</strong>

Tight jeans and boots in the original, collocation is the zipper sweater retro tide flu, Prada Cahier color gorgeous eye-catching handbags.

Prada feather show shirt already very high-profile, used to collocation the basic models of tight jeans just to balance.

Find the color close to the skinny jeans socks and boots, elongated legs is a simple matter.

The snow grain tight jeans look nostalgia, then put on a motorcycle jacket.

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