Don’t say the season without clothes! A few simple tips to improve the utilization rate of the wardrobe

Although from time to time in an effort to “wake up” your wardrobe, but one season, from last year “streaking” over the buddies ah, was packed with the message area! “But also the change of season, no clothes”, “seeing so many collocation posts, or want to buy buy buy, please recommend a spring (Xia Qiudong) installed!”……

Although I will do you buy buy buy road lamp (mouse), but I never encourage unlimited buying.

everybody Why always feel no clothes, and not because we really don’t have clothes, but did not improve the utilization rate of clothes That is to say, No good to develop their own “Wardrobe” potential.

May the season, recently a lot of people to discuss this topic. At this point, I have lots of mistakes, so before wrote several stage wardrobe planning, including broken homes, are some bloody lessons. Today come to talk about how to enhance the utilization rate of the wardrobe ~ hope can let you open the season in a new round of buy buy buy when do more steady, accurate and relentless!

First, the basic models, you really will buy?

If we want to develop the wardrobe potential, first of all, your wardrobe is potential. If the wardrobe With are those who let you pick up and put down the clothes, there are more clothes in vain. So, have to From the buy buy buy, learn to invest their own wardrobe.

I have been recommended by 70% basic models and 30% personality to investment.The basic all-match, not easily outdated, not easy to make a mistake and other characteristics, can greatly improve the utilization rate of the wardrobe. The old readers should be very familiar to this point.

But the question is, are you really basic money to buy?

For me, a white shirt, striped shirt, shorts, pencil pants these are very fit for my body, don’t know what to wear when I might casually pick up a basic money on yourself, not to go wrong.

However, each person’s body, preference and occupation are not the same, for my basic style is not suitable for you. place In order to, You must first build the basic models of their own wardrobe .

She is also an important consideration. Sometimes people will say with me, Kaka I bought you a certain coat / dress, why do I not wear that feeling. This is normal, because everyone figure temperament is different from the basic models as single product wear is different.

Different size, select a different profile of the coat, it helps to avoid weaknesses.

Before others said, I bought a striped shirt, white T-shirt, white shirt…… But that we all dress the same. The basic models of a single product has the advantages of all-match universal, but because of its “basic”, looks like the same. But in fact, Chinese are still very large, these Are reflected in the details . The neckline, fabric, profile, suitable for people of different.

Such as jeans, also has high waist, waist, waist points, pocket size and position are often different, we must look for their own body buy time, start again.

There is a little said many times: as far as possible Buy a good texture .

We buy “Jersey” and the “large”, often very willing to pay, after all they were put on to yanyaqunfang. But when the basic models, often is not willing to spend so much money. A T-shirt / striped shirt / jeans to spend thousands of dollars or even thousands of dollars? A treasure on dozens of pieces of money hundred dollars is not much well, what doesn’t seem different, anyway, are the basic models.

I used to think so, look at the style about the price is not expensive, bought, later found, many wearing a few times on the neckband loose, yellow, deformed, or wear airtight. So in repeatedly in the buy white T-shirt white shirt striped shirt cycle. A closet full of basic models, and are wearing thoseones.

Now buy clothes more cautious. Small piece of striped shirt, I will try to decide about the. Buy motorcycle leather windbreaker, these many years to wear a single product more to do homework.

Not good goods cheaper? Does that mean your good? Not necessarily.

I can only say that most of us are not so much time and energy and professional to really Amoy cheap and good things, relatively speaking, the probability of expensive single product texture will be higher. So I was from the first day of the opening number, repeat We suggest that within the scope of their ability to buy the best. Later, this sentence seems to be popular, I am glad.

We buy the basic intention is to buy all-match, will often wear, A good texture will be more feel through crossing with feelings But, do not wear one or two times to wear it or make you not interested in.

Especially when our style tends to be stable after a lot of time to buy buy buy are some repeat single product, you are likely to buy things back in the closet was. Is not a one-time Spend some money to buy a good, rather than buy a lot of cheap but in one or two times of idle.

There is a very important point, no matter how expensive, well, more than a single product, the premise is to buy They wear comfortable, So every time you open the closet, would wear it. You

The fabric should choose comfortable. Like my favorite cashmere products, in addition to color value is high, it is too warm and comfortable.

Style to make yourself feel comfortable and confident . Suitable for coat and not everyone is like the same golden girl, (both physically and psychologically) Can’t handle the dress upper body will only make you uncomfortable. You

Also should be moderate. My feeling is that too tight clothes, easy to make me feel uncomfortable. You

Two, a makeup look old, save a single product

I’ve done a lot of special color period. Almost every time someone asked me: Black / yellow skin can wear green / yellow…… ? Or: Kaka can write about what colours to wear white or appear?

I also have a deep understanding, some special color lining color, some color dress is not the spirit. Don’t sleep well, face dark clothes, the effect is greatly reduced. Selection of lining color clothes is very important. But if Just according to this standard to choose clothes, limit would be too big . As you asked me: yellow, green, blue, white, pink…… You are love, that you have not love color?

Thought carefully, really did not like.

The color itself is no distinction between beauty and ugliness, only personal preference difference. I am a “flower” in color, a variety of colors are not exclusive to try. Meet is not suitable for skin color?

It is a makeup.

I usually even busy and tired, have a makeup before going out. Even with a liquid foundation cream, or with a lipstick, choose The difficulty coefficient of clothes at almost half lower .

I usually see as fool you always thought I was white, I True color is yellow. But sometimes I love full of red and yellow color. This time just a little bit of makeup to rescue. You

Our Asian skin is yellow, is not significant compared to many European and American people to look, more clothes. If you add a little makeup, choose the most of the space. You

For example, some time ago to writeBlackish green The woman may feel a lot of yellow, though good-looking, but a body The color will appear dark yellow. Draw a makeup, let face look better, it is not so difficult to control. You

Alike, The makeup will also allow us to challenge more hair color And let yourself have more possibilities.

Some students think that some hair color is not suitable for them, especially with the old after, can also remedy the makeup. Just take a little time on a decent makeup, would not have such troubles .


There is no time, even with a lipstick. . Even a black, In contrast to big lips, also won’t die on all. You

A picture or a thrush or will make the whole more seductive. You

Three, find a good tailor

Each move, in addition to location near the delicacy (yes, this is my principle, I) will begin to search for nearby clothing store. This move, the original community help me tailor aunt almost became my most reluctant people.

Yes, just one of a good tailor is my daily life.

Because living in the 2D world, so people often ask how to do “was so good ~ I really ashamed ah. And don’t say the natural hobbit is irreversible fact, even if it is not to mention height, figure I have absolutely not good. No exaggeration to say that I bought clothes, there are about 1/4 is to turn to wear.

I didn’t have a lot of online shopping, mostly after the try before buying. But because we are in many clothes shopping malls wear are not standard size, but also Europe and the domestic Japanese brand, size is not the same. So many times the appropriate code number is a relative concept, and often there will be some unsatisfactory places, such as the shoulders slightly wide sleeves and trouser legs slightly longer or too loose. Because the upper part of the body is short, a lot of clothes on me will be a little long.

My limbs thin, small bones, logically speaking a lot of clothes with small yards or small culottes choose code can be. But my waist thick, the small size of many culottes simply pull the zipper…… So when buying clothes would be awkward. Remember in LA vintage shop a bunch of people to help me pull the zipper only half an hour on the story?

So change the clothes for me has become homely food. Most of us are not the standard figure, and dress code number is divided very extensive, more or less have no right here and there.

When we buy clothes, even a slightly wider also just put a little longer, but I have always said that the details are very important. Ordinary clothes out of a big sense, one of the key is to fit.Ill fitting clothes will not only look the person in the blues, no spirit, but not good collocation, wear a one or two times, let you no longer want to wear, so didn’t improve the utilization rate of the wardrobe.

Especially more trenchant edges of clothes, such as small suit, windbreaker, and so on, if the body doesn’t fit, the effect really will be a lot worse. But unless otherwise specifically, a lot of clothes can not be 100 percent fit your body. But never mind, a good tailor, can turn bad into good!

Even Many of the big show clothing to wear on the model body, is to be modified, and put to us.

Well, there is a little. I often asked why Wang R they Tucao will buy some clothes is not my code number. Because a good tailor, can help me into what I want! Ha-ha。 As with the Siamese pants are the same style code, my size (small) is tight, I do not want to look like, so I bought a big yard, changed my waist, is I have been looking for. You

Good tailor can also change some of the details, let the closet in a single product recovery.For example, we recommend seaman pants, not your wardrobe? Do not rush to chop hands.

Since than ordinary seaman pants wide leg pants a few buttons, so if you already have a wide leg pants, it can be utilized fully, and then nailed on a few buttons, not only can improve the utilization rate of the wide leg pants, also added a new meaning, is also often wear often new. You

Learn a little more appropriate DIY It is necessary.


Since the discovery of the tailor’s refinement, I often have some whim, some would have broken homes tailor clothes to try new possibilities, such as clothes back to dig a hole, the skirt, put into a short sleeved sling like…… Where there is a failure, but most are successful.

Of course, the meet is not easy, need to slowly found.

Five, regularly

Regularly organize wardrobe should be well understood.

If the wardrobe long-term neglect to take care of, let his pull back there in the haystack is barren, will not only affect your mood, but also greatly extend the time you find clothes.

A lot of clothes for a long time to be buried in the closet, in the course of time, you have simply been forgotten, forgotten. Then without a new round of hand chop……

So, I have repeatedly said, will be the best every time to clean a closet, and have a broken homes, those who do not fit their clothes or thrown away, or give.

There are those who do not fit, there is no way to change clothes, or obsolete, stains or wear clothes, should also be cleared.

Make room for those who often wear clothes, love, and Don’t let them cover the other clothes light that you think you have nothing to wear.

Many people might think it is so busy every day, which have so much time to organize the closet? I think, An orderly wardrobe instead we can save a lot of time: Find the time and time collocation clothes. Can we save money, always buy some repetitive items.

Love to watch their clothes neatly placed in the closet, not only can make you good to hear or see, but also many other inspiration, clothes utilization also naturally improve ~ for miss Watsons wardrobe.

So, before complaining about not wearing clothes, to tidy up the wardrobe.

Six, maintenance of good clothes

Maintenance of good clothing can also improve the utilization rate of wardrobe, how to maintain, be arranged before we said.

Remember the last time to write all kinds of cortical single product maintenance, a lot of people in the comments said: This is too much trouble, heart tired ah, decided not to buy the finished leather! The bag is used to buy these clothes, why so carefully serve them?

Yes, no matter how expensive these bags of clothes, I do not advocate them high up, only to maximize their value. But, make the best use of it and take good care of, is not contradictory.When used with snacks, more care, to prolong their service life, improve the utilization rate of the whole wardrobe.


This morning is not expensive money problem. A lot of clothes in the closet are we had chosen to buy, we should take good care of. A bad buy new, is easy, but some one thing only beyond this season or out after no single product, bad and hard to find the same paragraph, will feel very upset.

I quite appreciate Japanese cherishing attitude, this is also the reason why they and vintage clothing stores so popular. Between objects and people like people like people, sometimes also pay attention to the fate, buy a hand, you should like just buy it, cherish it as much as possible.

Besides, a lot of good stuff we want to leave the next generation, do not take care of how to do it?

Finally: don’t laugh, a stable weight is also necessary

How important is keeping weight, many female students should be keenly aware of, and often very pain.

Say three pounds of fat during the festive season, a lot of last year is still very fit, this year will not wear the upper part of the body, even the big wardrobe, also enhance the utilization rate.

For example, the “Big Bang” in fat thin Penny, it should be very cost clothes. You

I, after a year, there are a few pieces of jeans zipper won’t ~ I swear not to buy a new, moderation and fitness, until it put them back into the far. After a month, I am successful Oh, sahua!

So I also from time to time will share with you some fitness story is not only in order to encourage people, but also to encourage each other, because in the face of spicy crawfish and dry pot chicken, it is too easy to lose my mind.

Instead of flying – the reason is very simple. After all, a piece of clothes in front of their love, but do not wear the feeling is too painful.

Of course, I said a stable weight, not to blindly lose weight, fat can also be very beautiful For example, we introduced before the plump supermodel, also focused on plump Kate Winsleet for twenty years, even if there are some meat, also can shine.

For more  information, vist ANGTI&YANG



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