How to identify fake LV bags

Every woman wants to have a LV bag, LV bag but the counter price is really astonishing, not ordinary people can afford it.

So many of my friends consider buying second-hand bags, after the maintenance and care, a lot of second-hand bags of color is also very good, the key is the price is very convincing, but many of my friends do not know how to identify LV bags, afraid to buy fake.

Today my cousin to teach you how to identify LV bags, LV bags simple identification of 11 strokes, buy a bag no longer deceived.

A, smell

When you get a new LV to take a deep breath to smell the fragrance of natural leather with his natural leather flavor, is the most important. Imitation must not the taste, and the new LV bag, must have the taste of natural grassland with pine bark. If you didn’t buy LV, as long as you go to the LV store to choose a smell, taste, will ensure that you can easily distinguish true and false later!

Two, on both sides of the line

1 and four line indentation and yellow needle distance is the distance from the left, but also a fine line indentation, indentation on the right side of the line a little rough.

2 or four, pay attention to the indentation line left looks more like a painting, is flat, without concave; and the indentation line is really pressed in, the line is concave, stereoscopic, and no color.

3, pay attention to the left and right side, left: three corners (circle place) has three X, this is fake when receiving the end indentation is not clean; in fact, this is not genuine X, finishing very clean, is a V word, right to know (see the top two also can testify). This is because the right with a genuine LV factory dedicated to this package of indentation machine, indentation model, the temperature of the machine, the length of time pressed to control have strict requirements for each of this series is to let out of the bag, all have the same quality.

Three, metal parts

LV all the parts or the lock had LV LOGO “.

Four, look at the material texture

On the left is cheap machine mass pressed out, from the angle of reflection light can be seen, press the lines quite shallow, but in 20 times to see, our naked eye is invisible!

Right in the authentic, enlarged to 20 times to see very clearly, one can see the irregular and convex stereoscopic rhombus, although unequal in size, but the distribution is very uniform, this is because the checkerboard fabric is LV design: at the time of the Louis Mr Vuitton hopes to open a new era of luxury the advocate material innovation, the price also raised the general people can start the class, so the use of lightweight materials, not afraid of rain, only the chessboard. These a rough texture, like a flake, waterproof bag function has been strengthened, but also adds a touch of comfort.


In order to fake, LV in Logo can be printed on the no less effort, this can be interesting.You can see your LV bag “LOUIS VUITTON PARIS” the “PARIS”.

Before 2012, the relevant departments of the LVMH in order to prevent counterfeiting, each “PARIS” in “S” middle tail broken section, so if your bag is bought before 2012, or is this a few years to buy the 2012 checkerboard Vintage, take a magnifying glass you will see a poor “S” tail is half written.

Although I guess those technologies such as counterfeit fake manufacturers again also do not come out, but just in case, Louis and Vuitton changed after 2012. Also in the “Paris”, but this is different, they no longer toss poor “S”, “A” but decided to gain weight. So if your bag is a checkerboard in 2012 after the purchase, you can from the magnifying glass to see the “A” in any case than the next 4 letters a little.

Six, the car line

LV car line is really very good to do the elastic fiber, commonly known as wax twine, wear-resistant durable, obviously Liu strip, and is kind of coarse grain, and false LV by car line just ordinary car line.

1, the thickness of the line on the left, a little bit of coarse high imitation.

2 in general, authentic bags for several years, still be able to see every line of its own lines. High imitation of the left is new, but can not see the lines. So, for refinement, it is not the original!

3, look at the color, the line color is just some kind of child diarrhea inferior bright yellow, the Yellow genuine seems to be more comfortable.

In 4, the number of needle sewing tricks, in order to highlight the exquisite luxury brand was originally designed short stitch, to them in order to save costs, will each stitch extension at least 1-2mm, thus, should have a 45cm long line run part, they only fix the 30cm.

5, we see the pin smooth, on the right side of the pin has been uniform, from top to bottom to form a perfect coherence curve, line direction is to look left again; high imitation pin, a crooked, a little fat and thin, not in a straight line the line is to out! This is the details, no sewing technology is difficult to achieve God.

Seven, look at the size of

Look back the bag outside India “Louls Vultton Parls made in France” leather Aberdeen, really LV will be printed on the bag size. For example, 30 inches of the bag, the back will be able to see the “30 words”, if it is fake, it may not.

Eight, look at the bag outside.

LV will have a piece of skin on the outside of the bag to write “Louls Vultton Parls made in France”, should pay attention to is the true LV print was relatively shallow, but each word mean specification. On the contrary not really fake row average norm.

Nine, pot nails have texture

It includes LV outside of the pan are printed with “LoulsVultton”. Another round pan really LV zipper nail will have a certain thickness feeling.

Ten, metal buckle color

In addition to part of the skin, even metal buttons also have genuine points. The true LV metal buckle has bronze, dull color, while the fake will has a bright golden yellow, reflective degree is very strong, very false. (by the figure can be seen)

Eleven, No.

LV leather, leather on the edge seams have hidden the serial number, serial number is that the manufacture of the bag and the date of manufacture English letters on behalf of the origin:




Spain: CA (EPI) LM.LO.MO (M-color)

The United States: FH.FF.OS.SD

Because of the different LV number series in different positions, but usually mark position can refer to the following instructions:

* in the edge seam edge (such as at the bottom of the bag, car line on the left OR right)

* inside turning LV trademark leather back

On the bottom connection straps *

Before 1985, only three digits, generally labeled as “825”, said 82 years in May, but no research which is the factory production.

1985-1989, began to join the factory name, such as “A1825,” A1 said in May 82 production factory.

After 1990, the production numbers have been greatly changed, according to the factory, making annual and monthly order of arrangement, become a whole row of numbers, interpretation of the law is different from the past, left first, 3 odd numbers representing the month, second, 4 even numbers represent the year. For example, MI1021 on behalf of the 2001 December factory produced in france.

In addition, the limited number limit product by different brand number. A custom-made leather also has a specific number of different production.

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