Liu Wen sister so you can also bag collocation, tide

Although in the spring, but the weather was cold in early spring, you want to know is how to use the bag collocation clothes?

As a roll in the fashion circle of international supermodel, Liu Wen in life wear super goods, and full of energy, her street is very comfortable, is all some collocation very practical, following her learningFashion bags And clothes collocation.

Cowboy shirts and plaid shirt is an essential classic, at the end of the season without them.With more feminine dress, with trousers is handsome, but also like Liu Wen wearing a shirt to wear, then collocation shoulder Chanel and LV handbags, fashion and personality.

Liu Wen PW collocation is European style, black and white ash is naturally the most common. White T-shirt with grey skirt, fresh and elegant; black T-shirt with black trousers with golden shoes, very personality. The two method is simple and does not wear out. Blue Celine tofu is very bright.

The classic striped shirt cousin naturally will not miss. Pink striped shirt with ripped jeans and white canvas shoes, sweet like a female student; black and white striped T-shirt with black leather pants, simple atmosphere, very temperament; black and white print dress classical style blue striped shirt with elegant retro side. PS grey and red Balenciaga, color and clothes Make the old and new contrast and complement each other。

Small leather can be regarded as the cousin of the style of a single product, handsome chic is the feeling of fashion coffee are manpower necessary modeling tool, if you want to start something if we chose the classic black. Chanel is a retro style collocation..

Although in the spring, but the weather was cold, This sweater is just out of the street, to see how Liu Wen collocation. You can take the shirt out of the British Academy, you can also choose to wear a good color or light colored sweater, pants collocation printing highlights the fashion personality, collocation of black LV handbag, she is wearing a lot of different inspiration.

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