Not straight leg thick thighs? This pair of trousers to save you

The origin of the smoke tube trousers

The society of men in the end after dinner, will take off the coat for black light clothes, sit in the smoking room, “smoking” resulting.

In 1966, the famous French designer Yves Sanit Laurent (Eve San Roland) will tie, white shirt, black dress and other men’s elements applied to women’s clothing, fashion design first lady suit, which is also the prototype of “smoking” of ms..

Smoking is installed in the YSL show that highly sought after, YSL quarter also sold out. The smoking jacket continuously introduce more feminine styles, such as the design of short suit jackets or straight legged trousers and so on to cone version, since cigarette pants also came into being.

Cigarette pants is popular, and by Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn a pet actress has a close relationship, in “breakfast at Tiffany’s”, the most impressive is Hepburn the black dress, leaning against the window and the “Moon River” but gently, gentle girl head hair band, wearing skinny jeans this!

We can seldom see Hepburn wearing pants, but as long as she is wearing pants, so she must be in the smoke tube wear pants!

Not only have black and white, Hepburn also through the blue and white squares patterns cigarette pants.

This design is not deliberately soothing and elegant French essence, Victoria Beackham has a special liking for cigarette pants, either street or attend formal activities, she is wearing pants in the smoke.


These trousers are not only more classic all-match, should be the trend, Lanvin2017 early spring series.

2017 fashion week Shangyan pants is It is often seen.

What is the cigarette pants

Said so much, what is the smoking pants? Between the smoke pipe and straight legged trousers between pencil pants, hip and relax in the micro region of trousers, is a wonderful design of trousers.

Why smoking pants similar straight pants and pencil pants, and own separated from it? First universal definition.

Straight from the crotch to the bottom is as the name suggests, are straight, legs straight, can cover the defect on the leg type design, such as (O leg, X leg, etc.) but only tall girl wearing only appears slender, and the smoke pipe in hip and thigh pants designed loose style, but in the modified version for cone.

From the Pencil Pants English pencil pants, because the leg is like a pencil thin and narrow and the name, also called jeans, and all-match is very common, tightly fitting hip and leg line pants, but because of this, O type and X type leg leg wear pencil pants will let the leg defect list no more than. Cigarette pants and pencil pants version is similar, but not tightly attached to the body, Kutong stereo clipping can not only hide leg defects, with very thin ankles!

The smoke pipe how to wear the pants

British workplace smoking pants

Keywords: three-dimensional cut, smooth lines, neat style

Minefield: loose type, denim material

A stiff suit fabric and three-dimensional cut, prominent shape is very appropriate, competent and heroic spirit, in the occupation to retain a sense of random.

The most common, of course is suit collocation, is absolutely not wrong. But be careful, don’t take the coat and trousers are black, it will look dead, wood highlights.

The ride for a white shirt or a white T-shirt, immediately lit up!

You can also change the gray suit, wear effect will be much better.

If some people think black suits are very common, even every minute change of passers-by, then blue, grey, this is a very good choice.

Choose the striped suit is also should this trend slightly, more innovative blue shirt collocation!

Neat purple black coat collocation suits material pipe pants, neat lines from the shape, shrewd sense of occupation Cengceng rub burst table! As Beckham is in the workplace dress model!

Soft adorable pink and spring water blue is preferred.

In addition to suit, wearing a single cigarette pants, small leather collocation is also very seductive, so that the cigarette pants is really like all-match artifact like pencil pants!

Collocation of red leather and high heels, feminine.

Even if it is only a loose white shirt collocation, it is also appropriate to wear to work.

There is a problem with the T wear white collocation is wood, so simple and nice outfit just love.

Casual denim skinny jeans

Keywords: jeans, pants nine

Minefield: low waist, long

Leisure cigarette pants outfit, Liu Wen’s textbook, since it is casual, so a cowboy is the preferred material.

A good cigarette pants but collocation sweater.

Cotton and linen trousers collocation sweater can also smoke pipe!

Like the early spring season, outside a fur coat can!

In the summer, a hundred cowboy T-shirt + chimney pants, three minutes to go out is not a dream, my mother will not worry about what I’m wearing! Warm tip, it is too slow to collocation, collocation distinctive bag or bright shoes!

With a denim jacket collocation is very casual, over time can be put up, nine pants trousers slimmer.


The short version of collocation T-shirt to reveal the waistline is excellent, we can have two meters long legs.


Personality all-match cigarette pants

Key words: black based models

Minefield: exaggerated style or color

There are a lot of flashy clothes do not know how to smoke pipe collocation, collocation pants can be very good and “grandiose” feeling. For example, migrant workers woven bag.

There are noble ladies ostrich hair, collocation and cigarette pants not overwhelming, but also more features than wearing pencil pants.

Collocation profile of flight jacket, can coordinate the upper and lower body ratio, certainly more than a triangular pants wearing pretty much.

Like the fancy shirts, pants is the other pipe collocation.

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