This year, the classic shoes have changed new appearance (the new Lok Fu shoes, ballet shoes stylish)

Thin coat, skirt, beautiful spring single product, how can not a pair of good collocation, go out very comfortable shoes? This is not the first time, we rush to introduce the tide of the most comfortable shoes, wear them you will get an unexpected surprise, do not try to see.

Buy shoes for women is a never-ending thing to know a pair of fashionable beauty also not tired of walking shoes for women simply means the most beautiful enjoyment.

Feel like wearing a pair of magic shoes, take you places.

Let’s go! Please take that! This is this year the tide of the most comfortable shoes.

<strong> Ballet shoes with thick</strong>

<strong> (Ballet variant)</strong>

Highlights: relax your feet, modified leg type

<strong> Stylish index:</strong> . I. I.

<strong> Comfort:</strong> you. I do.

This pair is playfully ballet rough heels by the girls favorite, not only is it simple and comfortable good qualities, but also because it has a graceful life story.

<strong> Ballet thick heel past</strong>

In fact, its existence is made of soft bottom shoes toeshoe improved, gentle and beautiful, defect is not modified leg type.

The rough heels of the former ballet

Then it turned into a comfortable soft soled ballet flats (Ballet Pumps), the ICON Audrey Hepburn and Jane Birkin are all her fans.

Audrey Hepburn, Jane Birkin

<strong> NOW</strong>

From history to see the future today, ballet shoes changed the wisdom of the designers now with a small square with children, add some magical effect of modified leg type in comfort on the basis of.

On foot it is effortless, and did not feel a sense of pressure but it can stretch the ankle foot line, it is really fascinating.

This is the collocation method with ballet shoes the most difficult to go wrong! Neutral Hale jeans and it is the best partner of the collocation of spring.

Like the Ondine Azoulay feet of this pair of velvet texture looks very comfortable, not only is the fabric, with low toeshoe in color above even more abundant than flats.

Wide leg pants collocation, loose trousers is the full sense of maturity. The soft leather is also very suitable for commuting look.

<strong> Recommended to buy</strong>

<strong> NO.1 Repetto</strong>

Repetto Jane series

Repetto was born in 40s at the end of the last century can be said to be representative of the ballet shoes brand, first born is derived from the brand founder Rose Repetto for the son to create professional ballet shoes.

<strong> NO.2 Jeffrey Campbell</strong>

The shoe Jeffrey Campbell brand design some retro taste, but it has the most fashionable elements, with avant-garde sexy.

Jeffrey Campbell

<strong> Fang Genxie</strong>

<strong> (the loafer time)</strong>

Highlights: not easy outdated loafer

<strong> Fashion index:….</strong>

<strong> Comfort: you. I do.</strong>

<strong> Square shoes of the past</strong>

Yes, a loafer is very beautiful, once it started, was born in 1930s, and not our common shoelaces or other decorative tassels. In 1934, a young man from Maine, Wilton John buss started production of Le Fu shoes, and shoes will Fu named Weejuns. The bath production of Le Fu shoes have two straps attached to the instep strap, also cut two holes, the shape of the lips, this opening soon be used to put 5 cent coins, so Penny Loafer became IT shoes.

Lok Fu shoes have been favored, such as Audrey Hepburn collocation in the film “funny face”, an all black style, wearing loafer dancing Audrey Hepburn, let people see is unrelated to sexy and bump, she would wear this pair of black suede shoes from the frame for the classic.

The film “funny face”.

Speaking of this pair of shoes, there is a small Audrey Hepburn was specially chosen anecdotes, this pair of shoes they wear a black collocation, but the director thinks she will be drowned in the light dark background, therefore deliberately let her white socks and black shoes to foil collocation. Always gentle she didn’t like to worry about, will highlight the White Sox Bigfoot, unknown so the director attitude is also very tough, finally the cry she said.Contrary to Audrey surprise, this dance scene piece effect is quite good, she also wrote an apology to the director card: “your decision is right, white socks are really nice”.

<strong> NOW</strong>

Today the loafer, we can not only see the retention of the prototype, can also clear the designers to marvel at the extraordinary as if done by the spirits. In the Lok Fu shoes, we can see the change more decoration and color, in addition to the two belts that have the instep, we like tassels, metal buckle, love all kinds of nice color, and even willing to change shoes material, to create a surprise.

With these changes, we can not ignore the heel is changed. The traditional sense of the loafer, usually adopts the structure of moccasins, with wide and low to. Today, le fu shoes can also have a little higher with children!

Simple easy collocation straight legged white shirt is a good choice for commuter equipment, red light color dull rough heels.

Coat + pants + square shoes is the most classical collocation, echoed in the black and white contrast, improve the shape of the sense of hierarchy, behavior show a different kind of elegant.

In the design of their heels and whimsy, elegant pearl inlaid with shoes that more aspect.

Collocation palace style dress, like Chaira Ferragni, wearing a pair of glasses, with the wind above the heels again, not much right.

<strong> Recommended to buy</strong>

<strong> NO.1 Gucci root shoes</strong>



Do not love the black girl can choose color, color Gucci with flat square shoes is very good, retains G, tassel design increased in the upper, very suitable for the beauty of you oh!

Do not think that only this kind of color, a variety of optional color Gucci for you.

<strong> NO.2 Tod’s</strong>


Tod’s square with flat shoes design is very mature, the pursuit of the atmosphere and prudent girls can choose Tod’s. Sign of double T is Tod’s shoes are signs, so Tod’s square with flat shoes without double T.


Tassel style is also very interesting, classic and elegant at the same time, the swing of the tassel is also very lively and playful.

<strong> With more fashionable shoes.</strong>

Highlights: this year’s shoes with more kittens

<strong> Stylish index:. I. I.</strong>

<strong> Comfort: I. I.</strong>

Last year swept the fashion shoes almost is a pair of girls hands, this year it became fashionable! More than a kitten with.

<strong> It’s past</strong>

A few years ago has been popular with flat shoes, shoes for band legs aren’t fine girls, had been blacklisted.

<strong> NOW</strong>

Last year we also should change the bandage flats, before a lot of girls is not a leg straps complain slender, it seems that these troubles are no longer a year.

Bella would have a pair of beautiful legs, with fashionable shoes with children more perfect.

Miss Zhong is absolutely the shoes of loyal fans, whether flat or small and she can easily manage.

The elegant and fashionable heel straps, the spring and summer of this year let feet feel fully relaxed beauty.

<strong> Recommended to buy</strong>



<strong> Kitten heels variant</strong>

<strong> (Kitten Heel)</strong>

Highlights: elegant small fine with the interpretation of the most comfortable woman.

<strong> Stylish index:. I. I.</strong>

<strong> Comfort: I. I.</strong>

If you say what is the latest shoes this year, it is with the cat. Small cat with cat like, like walking briskly, feminine .

<strong> The cat with the past</strong>

In the beautiful 60s, European women are wearing this pair of kitten with pleated skirt or coat collocation, very elegant. The cat with the past, have to say is the girl for high heels eager and can not have the story. And the cat began in 1950s, height of about 2.5-5cm, specifically for underage girls and design. We know, because of the time reason, too high is considered a style that is not easy to wear and the girls, so also called “cat with practice and”.

Audrey Hepburn in addition to have a white shirt, black dress tags, there is an important tag is a kitten with.

“Tiffany’s breakfast”, Audrey Hepburn was wearing this pair of basic models.

<strong> NOW</strong>

Now the cat with, you will find that the basic characteristics of the rigid, rich colors and decorative jewelry, will dress very seductive heels kitten. In the distance of 2.5-5cm, has become the geometric design of the heaven.

You will find the kitten with shoe trousers collocation is surprisingly good, collocation skinny jeans, highlighting the legs in perfect lines. Casual cardigan with kitten heels the jewel ornament, suction eye goddess avatar.

Sweatpants popular this year with a selection of collocation kitten, sports pants line, modified leg line.

The cold you can also wear socks, but remember collocation wide leg pants or straight legged trousers and remember is the length of the ankle must not, otherwise they will be very cumbersome!

<strong> Recommended to buy</strong>

<strong> NO.1 Gucci cat documentary shoes</strong>



Gucci kitten heels with the cat looks very small heel soul color, full of vitality, style is also very amazing. Whether the design is garden style or with a punk rivet design sense, or with British style stripes, so that this pair of shoes is very special.

<strong> NO.2 Miu Miu shoes</strong>

Miu Miu

Miu Miu and the cat in the design, add a small square to the heel pad, the shoe stability greatly increased. Romantic bead flower embellishment, noble and elegant.

Miu Miu

In addition to Zhuhai decorative styles, there are partial and styles. Classic side buckle shoes, many workers are the first choice for girls. The all-match naked pink, has also become a favorite color.

<strong> Mary Jane shoes</strong>

<strong> (Mary Jane)</strong>

Highlights: age and changeable Mary Jane shoes

<strong> Stylish index:. I. I.</strong>

<strong> Comfort: I. I.</strong>

In general, the shoes have a foot strap yuan shoe bag feet high heels shoes called Maryja.Maryja shoes usually dominated by sweet style, designers have to love beautiful colors and exquisite decoration to create Maryja shoes.

Camille Charriere Jimmy Choo is this pair of golden spring summer travel Mary Jane a good choice, not only good collocation clothes, short thick heels become the favorite girls.

Remember in the “sex and the city” in one scene, Carrie Bradshaw walked into a room filled with shoes, rushed to her Mary Jane shoes the shoes, praised how fabulous fashion.

60s Mary Jane shoes is very popular, Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton are wearing them took a large fashion.

Love Mary Jane shoes girl, sweet in the pursuit of this matter is very clever. Fashion such as Gigi, to create sweet look, will choose a pair of Maryja.

Mary Jane Dal and black jacket, echoed up and down just right, orange and pink dress, clever to meet the sweet spring.

In fact, a pair of Mary Jane shoes has become part of the ankle is very grand, so when wearing ankle Mary Jane shoes part must be clean.

Remember to put the collocation of jeans, trousers rolled up, creating a sense of neat.

If you Mary Jane shoes is really very simple, what do you want in the ankle a little decoration, please don’t let the trousers piled at the ankle, but to choose fringed smart.

The cold you can wear a pair of socks, dark socks feet can be modified more delicate.

Recommended to buy

NO.1 Miu Miu

Miu Miu has been a popular girl brand, so Miu Miu Mary Jane shoes is full of sense of the girl.Everyone on the Miu Miu has been so full of love, but also because the girl. At the same time but not the kind of naive.

Miu Miu

Good at using Macarons color to add sweet beauty, multiple band is modified. About 5cm square with the design, whether or not through the high-heeled shoes you can wear beautiful street.

Miu Miu

NO.2 Prada

Prada Mary Jane shoes tend to patent leather material, wide band and full of girls sense of color, as if Bobbi doll is yearning for.


The shoes in the “girl” interpretation is very comprehensive, but in order not too sweet, increasing the metal buckle in the shoes of the Bangdai, to make a balance between young and mature.

NO.3 Boden

Boden is a British middle class elite quality of life fashion brand, from the British Prime Minister Cameron and former U.S. president’s wife Michel, are Boden loyal customers.


Classic silver band, rounded toe delicate and lovely. With the design of low thick, even shopping go a day does not feel tired.

Is also available in red and black.

Muller shoes variant

(with Muller crude Fingerless shoes)

Highlights: lazy fashion leader

Fashion index:….

Comfort: I. I.

This year the rate of appearance of a pair of shoes is the highest Muller shoes, when bloggers have it favored a plus. A slightly exaggerated design was sought after by the. This shoe is too fire, the style is rough with the trend has emerge in an endless stream, in the past, now advanced play Muller shoes is small with peace and, if you want to play with other body, try this pair of shoes Muller.

Muller shoes of the past

Muller shoes a few years ago looks very awkward, thick high-heeled and exposed toes, feeling is not very comfortable.

When it comes to the earliest Muller shoes Mules, you know this “high-heeled sandals leather” but has a history. At first, Mules is a kind of ancient Rome shoes, in the first and can’t get in good taste, in 1950s, because of Marilyn Monroe’s favorite, and set off a boom in pursuit of fashion.

Marilyn Monroe


By now Muller shoes various let them have a new life, a fine with the children, not toe, etc..

With a fine:

Muller shoes really all-match, combined with the Wind dress also have no sense of violation and even a French woman with a feeling of self-confidence, elegant charm to move between.

And the cat:

Mansur Gavriel has been updated Muller shoe styles, from a heavy initial to today with a small, the color is still very beautiful.

Mansur Gavriel to “natural, simple, all-match” as the design concept, the candy colored rough heels not only comfortable wear, simple design is restrained, it got a lot of love the girls in hot pursuit.

Recommended to buy

NO.1 Alberta Ferretti

Alberta Ferretti with aristocratic embroidery to the world speak Italian style with China elements. Elaborate embroidery flower, noble and mysterious. A design of exaggerated, very elegant.

Alberta Ferretti

The color purple design, make the shoes more full of lively sense. Careful observation will find the vamp embroidery is a three-dimensional, delicate hand addictive.

NO.2 Mansur Gavriel

Mansur Gavriel

NO.3 Marni

For more  information, vist ANGTI&YANG






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