Bought this a few pieces of dry goods | sheet is tasted, through 50 years won’t be out of date!

 When I was small, especially like to watch old movies, the inside of the black and white image quality let me drunk, the garments and more fascinates me, probably because it is so old that the more distant things to it more as a curiosity.

  So, for the clothing of style restoring ancient ways, I really no resistance to it, it through the old firm, design is simple and joker, the old feeling of that age.


  Knitting coat


  Don’t look down upon this kind of knitting coat of cultivate one’s morality, its design style is simple, but to the figure of the wearer’s request is higher.


  The first point is to thin, you can have no chest, but must be thin, wear cultivate one’s morality version to prominent figure.


  The cultivate one’s morality version is the loose version of it to fit without the former so picky, and loose version to make it more casual, like a hip-hop style of girl also can choose appropriate.


  A very classic and gorgeous color, red vintage dress always let a person back to the 6-70 – s.


  Turtleneck, is I was in junior high school of time through the most styles, it really warm.

  But in life, it is classified as “soil” gas category, more and more people choose more fashionable word or a big neckline, but I’m more like this is considered a “conservative” turtleneck.


(High collar shirt + men and women)

But the ground was tests of oh

Ordinary people wear well just like show the long well (▔ ▔) ㄏ


  (High collar + coat)


(High collar + skirts)


(Sandra deductive style restoring ancient ways)


  (High collar + shirt)


  (High collar + dust coat)Much a handsome, “she explains


  (High collar + leisure trench coat)


  Tall waist trousers

  Jeans can say no is never out of season, listen to my mother said, when a young father also through the flared jeans, the original young’s father was once a city boy.

  Vintage jeans, roughly divided into: high waist, horn, loose, etc.


  Our common belong to high waist jeans, this kind of design of tall waist is the Gospel of short stature girl!


  It not only boosted the waist line also show long legs!


  (Tall waist + shirt)


  (Knitting + high waist)


  (Vest + high waist + belt)


  Terms of Endearment (1983)


(Tall waist + t-shirts)

Full of sense in the 70 s


(Tall waist + shirt)


(red strap + high waist)

Out of feeling restoring ancient ways


  High waist shorts s full feeling, for sister likes to show beautiful leg couldn’t be better.


(T-shirts + high waist)

The United States very amorous feelings


  Agitation restoring ancient ways to attack, stepping foot trousers became popular.

  This isn’t a mother as a child to we wear that trample feet pants oh ~

� � � � � �

  But how da ~ isn’t it look cool ~ feel legs were several centimeters long!

  It is a fire!



  My understanding of the skirts is “literary and artistic young women,” once I particularly like one of the authors are very passionate about skirts, or dark or bright colors.


  May be precisely because it restores ancient ways, so “artistic”.


  Skirts with a shirt or is it standard collocation with short sleeves, not too big error and can highlight female glamour.


  Pleated design, let a skirt bigger, more fleeciness feeling.


  Umbrella bitter fleabane bitter fleabane skirt, more lovely.


  Silk fabric drape is more and more smooth.


How Green Was My Valley (1941)


  So go retro, gucci16 pleated skirt restoring ancient ways is applied in this side of the design.


  Grid design, restore ancient ways do old feeling full marks, compared with pleated cotton and linen skirt, it is more formal.


  Each big fashion bloggers ten copies of also favour a bust plaid skirt.


  Gucci style restoring ancient ways of using the grid design in the large.


  Grid suit

  Remove plaid skirts, grid design suit for my first thought is chanel classic plaid suit.


  Galeries lafayette for chanel grid design, the fashion evolved into restoring ancient ways.


  Set up and down the grid is designed, make it rich times feeling restoring ancient ways.


  Chanel show


  Altuzarra show


  Tartan dress + sweater season tie-in coat or dust coat again good however.


  Easy design suits, not cultivate one’s morality, delicate but has no intention of releasing a leisurely.


  Princess Diana, the partial suit style grid coat much a masculine flavor.


  Tang manor in the elder sister of a suit jacket, let her less gentle, but much more rigid.


  Grid suit + jeans, wear a mixed feeling, is not the same with other people.


  Grid coat with belt, tide female fan now!


  Grid suit + windbreaker, men feels dye-in-the-wood, like girls with a more androgynous style can not miss!



  Stripe is one of the element restoring ancient ways, concise and easy it.


  Style is numerous, the girl in the closet there is always one or two pieces.


  Diagonal stripes


  Horizontal stripes + denim vest


  Cotton and linen vertical stripes, the color of the light, so elegant.


  Fashion style of vertical stripes, outgoing international fan.


  Act the role ofing is tasted

  Besides clothing, a few small adorn article also allows you to instantly restore ancient ways.


  Striped hair band


  Knitting hair band


  Yellow hair hoop, energetic


  Wave may lessen the hoop


  Wave point scarf


  Taylor in the MV “the Wildest Dream” retro look with the scarf.


  The movie carol


  Wrapped her silk scarves to hair is also a good choice, silk scarves of hazy more temptation.


  Make a knot with squares, farm style came out.


  Oblong silk scarves, wrapped in a different region amorous feelings.


  The ornament of a string of pearls, elegant temperament.


  When you don’t know what on formal occasions collocation ornaments, pearl is your first choice.


  The English Patient (1996)


  The Apartment (1960)

  Pearl will not go wrong in any occasion, it is intellectual and elegant.

  Class clothes and restoring ancient ways, must be more than what I have written these, but want to wear out the temperament of restoring ancient ways is not an easy thing, like restoring ancient ways and can’t be too exaggerated, you might as well try something item to match, with restoring ancient ways in the modern breath, you can also wear the literature.

  Such as our sister ~ Taylor


  In recent years more and more popular agitation restoring ancient ways, so fashion is probably the thing!

  Is the gyrations, decades ago thought obsolete old things, perhaps which day is popular again again!

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