Nine minutes of pants + sneakers: comfortable and fashionable mix build, is good!

Both comfortable and fashionable, easy to wear out alive

Nine minutes of pants + sneakersA combination of, must on the list

Show the most slender ankles, spring to meimei

See below, all of these nine minutes of pants is advantage

Fit into the comfortable and fashion

This spring a travel with all the fashionable women

Also is very suitable for our daily match reference for reference

Learn to nine minutes of pants + sneaker collocation,

Modern stylish effortless!


Nine points wide-legged pants and sneakers

Hide all the nine points above the meat thin, show wide-legged pants

Not only can easily manage all people

Simple with a pair of sports shoes is enough give prize has a van


The joker was black nine points wide-legged pants

How fashionable collocation are capitalized a product

Retro hippies and solid wear cowboy wide-legged pants

Has become a fashion the essence of love

Nine points of the light color fastens wide-legged pants

Pure and fresh and generous, fashionable beautiful just well


Nine points black feet pants and sneakers

Nine points black feet pants is the four seasons will be hoarding

A timeless classic item

Handsome and fashionable enough freedom joker

Can be with you all the sports coat group of cp

Contracted and the atmosphere of the nine points black feet pants

With embroidery baseball uniform

Also can wear a senior

If you worry about the general black pants too ordinary

Choose to have details on the pants outfit of feeling, like to take off the line, hole, etc

Can produce along with the gender of modern type fan

If your leg is fine enough straight enough

Choose to have burnish feels leather black pants

Absolutely is the best choice of the type you van street


Nine points pants + sneakers

Nine points pants and sneakers mix the trend

Unexpectedly handsome have a type,There is more than a little chic

Because the style of pants is capable

So we suggest more simple crisp coat

Mix build, with further highlights the modelling of the handsome

The recommendation is

Mixed combination of suit and white sneakers

Weaken the suit of conventional rigid, old impression

Added a few minutes of leisure and vitality


Nine points slightly flared trousers + sneakers

Retro romantic nine points slightly flared trousers

You can modify we are straight legs

Shorten the height and is more suitable for daily collocation

And sneakers to mix with it

You can wear out along with the gender and romantic tone restoring ancient ways

With the suit jacket with this group of mixing methods group of cp

Also does not have a flavor amorous feelings


Nine points of tall waist straight jeans + sneakers

The unique unruly style restoring ancient ways,Put more comfortable to wear

Also a significant modification effect to legs

Choose nine points of the height with a pair of sports shoes

Absolute modern rock

Nine points of the restoring ancient ways of tall waist jeans and sneakers group of cp

Can also play the multivariant style

With the suit jacket mashup unexpectedly is no acosmia feeling

Make a neutral contracted the temperament of the wind

Nine minutes of pants + sneaker collocation skill,

Get up, to the United States up!


Panasonic on tight thin invincible

On the collocation of panasonic is definitely the most tightly show thin, for upper body relatively full, choose relatively loose blouse, can live is clever cloak your arm bye and lumbar abdomen redundant proud flesh meat.Whereas choose tight trousers, and upper body form bright contrast, thereby visually make your legs appear more slender.

Slender legs do not belong to the category of girl actually can also try this group of collocation.Because of tight nine minutes of pants type can make your legs look more compact, and the relatively loose coat collocation, can weaken the bloated feeling, show thin effect is also outstanding.


Want to show high, create good ratio is the key

Direct approach is the use of brief paragraph coat collocation of tall waist nine minutes of pants, so as to create from the waist down all legs of the visual sense, leg proportion, nature would look even more slender.

Jacket is not a brief paragraph or it doesn’t matter, remember your hem into your leg.

If your dress is oversized, so only need to tuck in the front hem casually, such already stretched the proportion, and will not affect the languid is lazy along with the gender temperament unique to the profile.


In the preferred brief paragraph coat, with long come to light

Early-spring little also not to wind cold, with his coat if you itself is high enough, suggest or preferred more agile show high brief paragraph coat collocation with nine minutes of pants and sneakers.

Long coat trim out the bottom shoes is also possible, but is tie-in key must be open to wear a long coat, put inside tall waist line.

Take a direct choice or have the same color, more able to play the role of pull type length on the vision.

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