Shoe + fishnet stockings, this spring is the most fashionable standard

Put aside all kinds of fashion brand shoes item, no matter what you are wearing today, a good build and durable pair of tennis shoes, may be the god of your overall LOOK assists.


If it is color giant bright side stripe, inexplicable fashionable breath, earn enough to lead.

Side stripe points pinstripe and wide stripe, such side stripe Bella more than one rule, often all sorts of color change in the way.

Side stripe is so magical, tennis shoes just right, high-heeled shoes, not acosmia muller shoes.Upper body can be long cardigan or trench coat, can be toward a T-shirt, can also and lady lace short T together.

Is summer upper body, lower body really have the feeling of winter, lace sleeveless lace trimming T-shirt, big red wide-legged side stripes, collocation thick with high heels, black bag, sunglasses, chain heavy vs lightness, fashionable mix season are very smart.

Pure black, different color combinations wide-legged pants is the most fashionable stripe, nine points or seven is best, however, at this time only need to match a pair of white sneakers, simple step on the heel, show your slender ankles.In the street, just can attract a large eyes.

# shoe + skirt

Sneaker collocation the fastest side stripe can build street fashion LOOK, in addition, the skirt is also a good choice.Skirt paired with a pair of sneakers perfect over the years and has one of the many hipsters ~ favourite skirt wearing sneakers, very mix build, rocks a.

Dew shoulder chiffon skirt, A word skirt package hip, fat sleeve dress, beautiful romantic or literary restoring ancient ways, with you in the mood.

Who is our tennis shoes woman sexy and cute?Dress to wear on, any shoe can foil a sexy lazy little woman temperament.As a whole is too plain?Where will, leopard grain bag makes a person shine at the moment.

Did a black and white collocation is killed, is suitable for the office worker, short skirt suit or jacket, even a fleece, and tennis shoes perfect match, start can light.

Now, the suit + sneakersIs no longer tide men’s exclusive.

Tennis shoes to wear out the new idea, wear a mix build, wear a sexy is popular, but I am still have the same item in shoe brush fire with the existence.Look at the fashion bloggers and star to follow, have to say, as long as wear sneakers, will think about it – the fishnet stockings.

Nets socks are not the standard jeans and high heels?

SOGA ~ fishnet stockings of properties and tennis shoes can be a bit dark, make a fashionable retro!

In fact, in the fishnet stockings or hot pants and high heels of standard, is to take the bad tacky, now with the shoe, whether fishing net short or long nets, tie-in dress, is a unique feminine, mix to not line!

Shoe + fishnet stockings, of course, also can have the movement of the big girls fashion fan.

Shoe + fishnet stockings, they are wearing!


Dillon hot,

Wang Ou

For more  information, vist ANGTI&YANG


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