Small suit really have so difficult?You just don’t understand that!

Magazines and fashion website, small business suit was always try very hard to recommend, says they are a wardrobe essential basis, is a classic joker how necessary during the spring and autumn coat;The graduation season every year of girl, also all HuiXing hurried to pick small suit, as its first business attire.

Imagination is always so beautiful, but practice is the best teacher.

The truth is that most of the girls put on small suit, see oneself in the mirror, will be hit: “good mature! Instant aged 10 years!””Or” the good earth! Seems to work!”

So, how do you wear small suit, just good workplace rocks, rather than a rigid boring business attire?How to wear, don’t look old?

In fact, the small suit itself is not wrong, they are really classic ten thousand, just, and different item together, style will be different.Today, I will from the perspective of item selection, to share with you, don’t old small suit what to wear.

【 overlapped overlap shirts VS T-shirt 】

Many graduates cover girl, the first small suit, will take the shirt, the first thought because “suit + shirt”, it seems to be a professional outfit standard.

But I tell you today: a suit in a shirt, will show mature, will age.If you don’t want to look older than you, suggest you don’t take the shirt, and should take the T-shirt.

You can contrast, the suit + shirt above combination, and the following suit + shirt, which more younger?

Believe the answer is obvious to all, T-shirt than shirt, to reduce age a lot.

Here is not to say that, of course, the combination of suit + shirt, absolutely exhausted.Of course you can wear a suit + shirt, wear well is also a fan is very stylish, but, if no minus age, suggest you still choose a T-shirt.

If you choose to take the printed t-shirts and stripe T-shirt, so the effect of age will be better.

Pay attention to the cartoon design, of course, not the kind of very childish.

【 match VS conventional pants wide-legged pants.

When you wear a suit, what will match the pants?

The last few years, foot trousers and pipe trunks is the mainstream, but later wide-legged pants flares pop up, these two pants, is fan is more and more fashionable.

Look at the following two groups of street snap, you can feel yourself, suit + conventional pants have a van, or suit + wide-legged pants have a fan?

Here, still need to be emphasized: is not to say that the small suit + conventional can not wear pants and only have van if you want to be fashionable, wide-legged pants or flared trousers would be a better choice.

【 match long vs. short skirts in 】

Remember I said many times “long skirt style attribute”?

Short skirt show young, lively and sweet feeling, but also easy to appear are not serious enough;MIDI elegance sedate, mature temperament.

This apply to suit with the same.

Skirts and dresses, either type A skirt or A pencil skirt, short skirt is than the dress looks “tsunami”.You can compare the photos above and below the street snap, feeling is two completely different style.

Finally said, most key of shoes!

Personally, I uphold the idea is: in the case of relatively simple clothing, shoes is the key determinants of integral collocation style!

So, the following groups of street snap, you can feel the subtle changes in the style under the well.

【 tie-in high documentary shoes VS flat documentary 】

The following two groups of street snap, the first group are high documentary shoes, including shallow mouth high-heeled shoes, with high heels, sandals, etc.While the second group are all flat documentary shoes, ballet shoes, Mary Jane, bind, and doug shoes, etc.

You can have a good feeling style difference between the two groups.

Ever feel that the above group high-heeled shoes, the aura than flats under the group, a lot of?At the same time, than the flat shoes group below, more mature.

Yes, high-heeled shoes could show maturity than flat shoes, shoes have the effect of the reduction of age.

So, when you wear a suit, want aura, want it done wants to set up sex, suggest you wearing tie-in high-heeled shoes;And if you want to give a person sense of affinity, want to reduce age, tie-in flats.The operatives in the office, for example, want to look approachable, many wearing flat shoes;The newbies want aura, and high heels.

The collocation of ankle boot VS loafers or Oxford shoes 】

Ankle boot is like the wind in Europe and America, of must-have shoes, no matter what kind of dress collocation, in Europe and the United States taking snapshots can have ankle boot, a suit is no exception。

But, this time to take the ankle boot and fu shoes, Oxford shoes do contrast.

Is still two sets of street snap, we feel, the ankle boot and fu shoes, Oxford, which is more reduction of age?

Ankle boot is above, below is the loafers oxfords, although everyone wore a small suit + conventional trousers, but completely two kinds of style.

Ankle boot in Europe and the flavor is very rich, it is common in Europe and the United States taking snapshots of the rocks, and loafers and Oxford shoe group, is full of wind or the cavity of England.

Have this feeling?

Mature and want of Europe and the United States, or relative reduction of age British literary fan, riders in daily wear, it’s their choice.

“Match running shoes”

In addition, the suit is tie-in sneakers.

It sounds like a bit odd, suit is obviously feel very formal, suitable for the work sheet is tasted, and sneakers put together?

And, in fact this combination, in some European and American film and television play is very common, especially in some campus drama play, because of their country’s school uniform is suit more uniform, and lively teenagers, although the above wearing suits, but is still a canvas shoes, sports shoes on his feet.

Perhaps is the impression that the culture, suit + running shoes, became a classic set combination, and reduction of age show young very much!There is a “yuppie” feeling.

【 collocation hot pants.

Suit can also take hot pants, very suitable for young women.

This combination is very suitable for summer, day and night temperature difference is big, dressing gown matchs bunt during the day, the evening outside a small suit directly, also is a good match, can also show long legs.

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