Still buy a black coat?To make the bright color and bold design

Black is beautiful color, but it is always a black how many let a person feel heavy, we need more stimulus.Black coat, coat, you must have, even there are many parts, but this winter on the style of jacket, you can try to more bright color and bold design.

1. Start with the color of camel’s hair

If can’t accept too exaggerated color, from color more relaxed and experiment with the color of camel’s hair, styles, in addition to the classic trench coat, rich sense of design in detail place, or a fur coat, light color of camel’s hair, compared to many black light and bright eye.

2. The classic case grain

Everyone always feel to plain coloured jackets style will be a good match, but actually plaid is also a good choice, not only a classic in style, actually on the collocation also is not very complicated, there is a kind of retro charm more.

3. Love is a bit neurotic coloring

Premium you can choose a mustard yellow, pink, the color of this kind of neurotic, eye-catching color to make the cold winter more energetic.

4. Bold flower design

Previous seasons of printing, embroidery, extended into winter, become the wonderful design on the coat, high-profile, bold design, let wear a moment full of individual character, don’t need other heavy and complicated is tie-in, a coat has shock full vigour.

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