Fashion street snap formative necessary sheet is tasted!2017 chun xia’s sunglasses trends

Do you know what role does the sunglasses in fashion week?1: in the face of the hordes of photographers and people can protect themselves, even if one didn’t sleep all night, you can also look super powerful!With handbags, shoes, striking the iPhone as following, we are always looking at these parts, as long as they have a unique, always let us stop don’t laid hands on him.Bloggers always with the change of the collocation of style and replace the sunglasses.This season, there are some definite trend: from the cat’s eye shape restoring ancient ways to mirror in space science and technology, is worth a try!

The cat’s eye shape


The cat’s eye shape to take us back to four, the fifties of the last century.Yes, absolutely is not an error to the present style restoring ancient ways.

The shield shape


Oh, right, in the early 00 s style to come back again, the evidence is that you can always see it during fashion week!

The colored lenses


If not all sunglasses lenses are black, and also are not mysterious.The colored lenses allow you to see the different colors of the world, I mean just the color!

White frame


White frame with black lens to form bright contrast, no matter what style you are wearing today, it will add move feeling for you!Preference for elliptical eyes you more not to be missed in the 90 s.

The space of glasses


Rihanna feeling to be a partner with Dior’s space sun glasses is the beginning of the trend.

For more  information, vist ANGTI&YANG


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