Ten most show face little hair, don’t hurry!

 1. The points in long hair

  If little face hair style also has the most classic style, it must be of long hair!If you hesitate in the middle of the long hair and short hair, a professional barber would advise long hair, because long hair can spin face, let face look smaller.


  2. The asymmetric bobo head

  A lot of girls can choose short hair bobo head this hairstyle, but must be symmetrical bobo head could face looks smaller!Because the bobo behind short in front of the clip into long shapes to have that effect, the hair side, hair can stretch on either side of the face.


  3. Thin bangs

  Pursuit of sweet women tend to choose curly hair plus a bang, but should pay attention to oh, bang also is to have cultured, don’t leave a thick neat bang, this not only destroy the overall modelling, also can make the face look round.So this time want to cut a thin fringe, as well as the most popular air now bang some effect.If you want to cut thin bang, attention should be paid to middle short on both sides of the long, so that will have the effect of spin face, so as to achieve the effect of thin face.


  4. Cut to have layers of hair

  A modified face hairstyle hierarchy method is more effective than direct thin face!According to the different face trim levels hairstyle, such balance hair amount method is also have the effect of spin face, especially in long hair, the length of the IQ in chin, to emphasize the radian of mandible, make the face look longer more little ~


  5. 7 points

  Notoginseng hair style is very popular, but you seem to ignore the notoginseng points, points like this, not only can soften the face line, still can make because of the asymmetry of the face look less round, estimated the effect, gu is the cold will fall in love with notoginseng points again ~


  6. Go with a modified face broken hair

  To modify the face is actually very simple, a few strands of hair can do it!: use it or twist, leaving a few strands of hair, make the face leaves the hair around the role of a modified face.


  7. High plate bun

  Many face round friends will fear that such high bun, think to face funnies will see light dead!But don’t ignore the “high” oh, so tied up, the height of the bun also saved face short faults at the same time, make the face look longer, naturally, there is a significantly smaller effect ~


  8. Gentle waves

  If you want to compare straight hair and curly hair, then show the effect of small face, curly hair, straight hair lets head looks smaller, but the face looks will be more wide.But curly hair also avoid small volume curl, more can modify face is puffy curly hair.


  9. Light color hair

  Light color hair color can make comparative lower, let people put attention to the vertical direction, so as to achieve the effect of spin face look.


  10. Texture texture

  Choose to have hair texture, too straight thick hair can make face looks more round.


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