Fashionable girls, now is not popular to wear good clothes

 In this talk outfit say “take goods” era, fashionable girl weathervane appears to be a very small part of the people ruled.

   IT Girl or Icon, are worth mentioning, supermodel and female stars at the airport and private travel in secretly wrestling, fulfill their fashionable design, also led to hundreds of millions of female outfit global trend.


   Of course you tried not to repeat what street is queen with real goods, similar issues in the past years has been to many times. But through the frequent appearance mature face image to see out, but it can find fun: the girls were not “good”.

   Kendall and Kylie are the sisters from the obsessed Kardashian family, bold limelight is commonplace; two Hadid sisters also have a subtle rivalry among peers, style to one side of their force; Rihanna is committed to all kinds of unreasonable become reasonable.


   The trend of initiator itself is not in favor of their personality expression too observant of conventional standards., more and more people.


   Is there a good coat button is not important, my T-Shirt, my mood, my most important happy.


   Long vertical stripes shirt, blue jeans and black T-Shirt are simple but collocation, but his chest printed but can let all not drab.


   Not is to exaggerate the hole too observant of conventional standards. advocate unlimited, slightly skin style will be started.


   Ripped jeans is off the legs of the big opening, a good helper, but also can liberate nature, a small increase in rock taste.


   Even even feet were “scissors” is not too much, just his ankle but can appear more delicate.


   A few years ago the popular bold color going around now, finally from the exclusive world of fashion fine liberation, flying into the homes of ordinary people, so the same material but because the tannins dark coats and light colored trousers made harmonious and advanced.


   In turn, the shallow deep collocation, make the whole people’s temperament calm and natural, but the whole body look without losing the interest level.


   In the same color collocation in the profile of fringe elements and wind, it is no longer just clothing and clothing, with beauty like building.


   Even the body made of different materials together with the conflict, the girls also pursue self small outbreak of rebellion. When the leather and velvet “the real thing” to meet, to wipe out the spark that is amazing.


   A single product in the cutting geometry of the article, but also represent the general trend this year.


   Long sleeves continued to be popular elements has always been high cold fashion and emphasize the personality niche of youth subculture finally temporarily abandon the estrangement, came together.


   Change of material and the outline of the play based on Haren’s trousers, can lighten the simple white sweater, let the other seems completely not boring.


   As for the basic routines, like in the original is very harmonious, and the whole body coat T-Shirt hot pants outfit, add a plaid shirt, casually around your waist to again long legs.


   These do not follow the rules to wear fashionable popular, perhaps in the heart, it is the expression of the nature of self praise.

   Perhaps someone will say a different point in such a trend, but still not too hot and temperament, into our introverted and reserved Oriental society. But this is a fashion wind, blowing to different land, naturally do the things to adapt to the local culture.

   The United States never limited fashion, instead of “concept” and “opinion digest” and “based on individual precipitation interpretation and the expression of this process is the most interesting.

   At this point, the standard 90 stylist White is regarded as one of the leaders.


   She was wearing a always dare to use color, multi-level mix playing so well.


   Whether it is sports mix of fashion, or go cool hip-hop style, she is an ace.


   Even she put this aesthetic using his body to the star, the image for popular artists top management.

   Therefore The unruly and rebellious through top traffic Wu Yifan and Victoria Song, passed to the fans around the world.



   Fans see the light from the idol, also from your own view to the ordinary. So, I break the old tasteless, fun, free new remodeling I became a source of power and public attention to fashion, and then become a popular topic of evolution.

   The two day of Shenzhen fashion week Marisfrolg SU show, as if to see Jun inverted Fil white figure, is still that do not take the unusual way of.


   White coat: Marisfrolg.SU

   Tell her the same field, and have multiple identities, at any time to see Tian Yuan is fun.


   Tian Yuan total look: Marisfrolg.SU

   However, a law of wear at the same time, their choice is not the stars collective queuing explosion tide brand, but the young girls good heart Marisfrolg.SU. This in you my life is no stranger to the brand has just opened the first fashion series of their own, this day is the day of their debut Shenzhen fashion week.


   This is a big show rather than clothing too observant of conventional standards. rather than break the normal procedure interpretation of fashion parties.


   The show will be able to feel from the single kind of rebel effort: space and device is cross-border cooperation and Li Tingwei, and pop artist Xie Wendi, white cement, tin foil, and stainless steel jointly dominated the stage background, collection device and show the ground, forming a full sense of science and technology pioneer space.


   The big show, and let a person feel to the music festival scene, guitar, keyboard, drums, Beth was moved to the show on the road, electronic music and rock music broadcasting and alternate glamorous frenzy. Watching the show when auditory became can not ignore the protagonist, this feeling is very fresh.


   As if you thought before the opening, this dazzling design will not be too upstage, next to his clothes to do? But when the models are in play, doubts have been dispelled.

   Because the design of this season, it is just the moment of self esteem fashionable people and uninhibited!


   Oversize jacket from the coat to the down jacket, are capital nature, also coincided with the season to break the girls in pursuit of self mentality.



   Ribbon, liberal winding elegant, but also is in use symbols to reflect the true.


   Chocker is the cool season with an indispensable element, who is not ready to not mind?


   The geometric structure of anti conventional cutting on the vision to create a rich level, also let the dress a little more interesting collage. At least want to light collocation, can play a good variety of tricks.



   Design of Marisfrolg.SU in autumn and winter of 2017 playing with the bold, is not only to follow the trend, more important is to see the spirit of contemporary fashion girl: freedom, bold pursuit of wonderful.


   Clothing from “shelter” and “heating” of today to fashion into a huge industry and category, is valuable for people to wear “had higher aesthetic requirements: to look good, to have personality, to be able to show your present mood, involves reading skills of reconciliation in front of more than.

   We follow the trend of the wind, because those who have the fashionable queen of ordinary people can not easily and confident and bold.


   White is Marisfrolg.SU


   Tian Yuan total look: Marisfrolg.SU

   We wear clothes more than to the United States, but also can liberate the mind that tired, ready to “two line”, “nine to five” self.


   Also because of this, Marisfrolg.SU with the girls mind, The introduction of a variety of new ideas in general, want to let everyone in the clothing of the products of art in a A fun game.



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