If in the spring can only choose a bag, it is certain that!

No matter how they change color, dark lines will still occupy the dominant position, to the black grey brown color in these common classic wear better, need a bright single product and the force! If you let the fan sister recommended that I would recommend a beautiful “red bag”.

Monotone black and white, Join the red bag ornament, Vibrant ~ moment

How to choose the style?

Recommended that the first, from the style to speak. Recommend this kind of small size style “regardless of height, the small size of the bag can control, little sister paper, don’t thank me.”

When you catch a gray black small area a little red, really very fashionable outfit have a lot of extra points!

The compact style is also very suitable for carrying in the hand ~ and winter compared to thick, this bag looks very delicate, very elegant dress collocation senior! To attend some formal occasions but also very suitable.

As for the practical size! It is the treasure box, you want to put what can be installed in all. But that little back this bag or attention, because the choice is not good, or will be significantly shorter.

If the little girl take the bag, then choose a relatively small, so that even the little man can look back.

The envelope style hand bag, fashionable and handsome ~ suitable for all ages, regardless of size, you can have a hand bag.

How to back the more fashionable?

He said back the bag style. One shoulder is method, basis of comparison of the bag when walking with the swing of the body, particularly brisk, ensure the suction eye first yo ~

The heavy snow in winter, such a beautiful red, indescribably beautiful!

Back messenger will be more street feeling ~ want more fashionable personality, I recommend you take some adjustable straps shorter. Put your bag in front of the body, high proportion of body.


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