Which of the most embarrassing predecessors in the entertainment world is the most complex?

The world is very small, the entertainment star, is a bow to see the rise.

H&M Studio big show held in some time ago, Bella cold beauty with former The Weeknd with Hadid, Again.


Although two people try to passers-by attitude in the face of this meeting, but the scene is a bit awkward.

For sister Gigi escort, Bella should be relaxed many, but she still felt a little nervous.

Since the breakup, the former lovers seem inevitably to accidentaly across. At the end of last year they just broke up shortly after the show’s first time on the same stage. The four eye of the occasion, the scene with embarrassment.

After one or two months, Bella and pot meet again in a memorial concert, is also the combination of washbasin publicly kissing after the two sides meet for the first time. From then on, they seem to deliberately keep a distance, but it seems…… Bow to see the rise……

After breaking up with embarrassment can be more than that of:

1, Taylor Swift & Harry Styles

Remember the 2013VMA awards ceremony that the super embarrassing scene, Taylor in his acceptance speech at the station under the former Harry Styles quipped: Thank you for giving me the inspiration!

So all the shots are pointing to the Harry Styles awkward stage……

When Taylor Harry Styles walked around, photographed the scene is also quite dramatic.

2, Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner

After breaking up Taylor is not so harsh. At an awards ceremony, Taylor and former Taylor Lautner only a few seats. Very awkward scene, Taylor had to break the silence: I know we have a lot to say, but I want to say: “I don t” care that you “re here”. (comment: a clumsy denial resulting in self-exposure)

3, Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson

Small K in the twilight lovers before handsome bent and Robert combination composed of Pattinson, much of the Americans love. But the good times don’t last long……

Even after the breakup of super embarrassing, two people still had many times on the same stage, to advertise the final Twilight movie “Twilight”.

Not even on the same stage, life will come to a surprise (Jing Xia) accidentaly across.

1, Cara Delevingne & St. Vincent

Last October, just a year and a half ago and exchanges girlfriend St.Vincent Cara broke up Delevingne, and Taylor Swift, Dakota Johnson and a friend to the party for grief. But do not want to touch on the St.Vincent and the gossip girl Twilight female Kristen Stewart.

Good media photographed the scene picture, then had to draw in the spotlight and pretending to be calm embarrassed to leave.

In addition, broke up a month before Cara also known as: “completely in love”. Do not want to love one and a half years go so soon……

2, Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato

Joe Jonas broke always can not escape his ex girlfriend Demi Lovato, because she and brother of Joe Nick Jonas is the best friend, the two of them even trapped for 4 hours in the same elevator.(well, I think they must have talked about the weather……)

3, Rihanna & Chris Brown

The work in this topic constantly, also because much raise a Babel of criticism of domestic violence. Even the media reports, Jay-Z warned Chris Brown, if the Rihanna damage, will make his occupation career.

Thus as can be imagined when they met in the summer of 2014, the charity basketball game, how difficult. Look at the side of the former show while posing skills when Riri, eyes……

As the audience Riri looks super embarrassing and helpless.

4, Nathan Sykes & Ariana Grande

Nathan Sykes after a breakup cannot always be avoided in the interview asked her former girlfriend Ariana Grande, but he will simply cooperate with Ariana, one of the most romantic song.

5, Gregg Sulkin & Bella Thorne

The one or two week break up and began to work together, not only that, two people also witnessed new Tyler Posey and Bella go out to participate in Party. (I wish for three happy)

May break up can be friends

Of course, the former does not make again awkward cancer, breaking up may be friends.

1, Gigi Hadid & Cody Simpson

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik slag together, before the blue Cody Simpson Gigi friends not only generous blessing, also revealed that they are still friends, and wish her happy.

2, Cameron Diaz & Justin Timberlake

Cameron is the first Justin after Britney, a very serious relationship. Now two people are married after breaking up, and Justin has a child. But they have been very supportive of each other, and even go to the movies.

3, Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner

Even if the two sides did not recognize before, but Khloe Kardashian confirmed that two people had been together. Now, they are still a friend of mutual concern, but also from time to time.

4, Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder

In May 2013, the couple together for three years the vampire lovers. They were close friends or close to 2014 after breaking up, they also get the people voted best coupleftw, awards, Ian and Nina kissing.

In this scene, Nina told Nylon magazine: feeling very good is not a bit embarrassed, I’m glad we are still good friends. When Nina heard that Ian will marry Nikki Reed is even more generous blessing, and expressed strong support for Ian.

5, Taylor Swift & Joe Jonas

Joe and Taylor broke up, he had a date with Gigi for a period of time, Joe+Gigi and Taylor and then boyfriend Calvin Harris with a double date, the media such as Joe:Looks he s a Talvin fan “!(well, you just happy)

Some couples break up, because of the child, in life there will be the intersection.

1, Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon

The couple have 2 children, their divorce relationship is as close as a family with two children, often travel together. Even if Mariah Nick or later engaged, without the support of her.

2, Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom

After 6 years together, two people in October 2013 announced the break, and raise children.Although still keep in touch and former Kerr recognition is a very challenging thing, but to his son, they still get together. Orlando also said that he and Kerr or kinship, always love each other, will also support each other.

Some couples break up or the love of your life.

Maybe just opened the wrong way, they do not love, but can become the love of my life.

1, Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony

On 2011, after 7 years of marriage, the couple part company each going his own way. But for two children, two can go very close. They even broke up 11 months after the concert in Las Vegas on the same stage, when they embrace ushered in the warm applause from the audience, and arm in arm, left the stage.

2, Angelina Jolie & Jonny Lee Miller

This marriage lasted only create a great sensation within a year (1996 – 1997), even after the divorce, they still went to the Golden Globes, and together to do charity. For divorce, Angelina said: “we just met at the wrong time, we are too young. I think he is still the girl who aspire to the best husband, I love him forever “.

On January 2017, Angelina Jolie and her third husband Brad Pitt agreed to divorce, Julie to fight for full custody of children, the entertainment news shocked the world. The Hollywood is the most famous couple in love in 2005, engaged in 2012. Though it is no longer a couple, but Julie said their family is forever.

3, Bruce Willis & Demi Moore

The 2000 divorce, marriage lasted 13 years. Demi and Bruce even after a long time apart will walk the red carpet together. Demi and Ashton Kutcher together, Bruce told Good Morning America: “I love Demi”, which shows the relationship between a lot.


4, Madonna & Sean Penn

Although Madonna and her ex husband Sean Penn only after 4 years of marriage, but as friends they have to maintain close relations 20 years. Sean even support the scene of Madonna’s film “Secret Project Revolution”, and Madonna also made a special trip to Haiti to visit Sean. So sometimes, lovers separated but the relationship is better.

[a] the most promising composite grilled Gua lovers

Which one of you want to mend the most?

The street usually summarized under the shot version, fans most want to mend a couple of non Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield for this is. The two during the filming of “extraordinary Spider Man” is due to play love, love the original low-key period they show a good hand of love, and a bowl of dog food.

Unfortunately in 2015 after 4 years to break up, break up inside them, reportedly similar reality version of “city” philharmonic.

Although both sides seem to break up, never forget: Andrew in an interview with the Reporter The Hollywood said the most wanted and staged drama sister Arashima Shigeo stone; stone sister accepted “Vogue 73” s Questions “asked who is the love of the super hero, without hesitation flop of spider man.

Hard to love easy to get along, after breaking up is not an easy thing, the same star. Although after breaking up may not be friends, but every relationship has the meaning of existence, that is your choice, isn’t it.


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