110 American home warm

The case of American style dissolved in modern American, the pursuit of a low-key, elegant, quiet taste of life. While the design is the use of lines and ceiling clever realization of the clear division of functional areas. That simple and clear lines and elegant and decent decoration, the main bedroom more color in white, the space environment showing gorgeous, warm and romantic atmosphere.

The entrance


After all, the entrance is only played a transitional role, and the space is not large, so its design is relatively simple, but the decoration, there is only one shoe and a picture.

The living room



Really, really little room, or even feel a bit small, but through the collocation of soft outfit, or very atmosphere.



A three people sitting on the sofa, a small table, plus a atmosphere of the TV cabinet, this is the living room design.




In fact, the restaurant can be said with living together, after all, only a large interval. Then the arm.


Because the space is not large, so it is a good answer, do not need too much, so I don’t have the space is too narrow.

The kitchen


The kitchen is a special pattern, while the small side, but it is precisely because it is special, will immediately attract our attention, but also let us remember.


In order to facilitate the operation, so wash Taiwan Design in the space is narrow that head, the head cook in the space more spacious.


In fact, look past the kitchen space is big, it is a little bit pattern.



The room aisle not too much decoration, with just two pieces of small paintings decorate.

 The master bedroom


The master bedroom space is still quite large, and the light is enough, greatly for this space by many points.



The whole house most of the American wind, it should be the master of this space. And this space is relatively mature.

Second lie


A unique design, even the bedside cabinets are saved, it is very useful.


A large window, every morning wake up in the sun, this is simply a pleasant enjoyment!


From the perspective of the past, is a large walk-in wardrobe, clothes and many are not afraid of no place to put.



Wood floors, wood desk, bookcase and log IU, this is the study of the renovation and decoration, although simple, but very warm.

The bathroom


After all, the toilet water vapor will be relatively large, especially back to the south, everywhere is wet, and there will be a lot of footprints, So the bathroom on the selection of grey tiles, because the color is dirty.

The balcony


The balcony is not that good familiar? Yes, just in the master bedroom when seen, so the balcony is designed together with the master bedroom.

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