you sent the other gentleman million table

As before in Pakistan exhibition before the opening of the preheating table mentioned in the comments section, there are many brands will usher in an important node of time history of the brand this year, which I had mentioned the surface decorative pattern of the series of Naval Ensign, ushered in the sixty anniversary of the anniversary of the birth of this brand, launched a special watch engraved to showcase series of brilliant, limited sale of stainless steel 1957 only, the price is only 16000 yuan, but the effect is quite good, because I feel in addition to this form of retro is very charming, 38.5 mm in size and more fit the Oriental wrist, wearing it every where that will feel did not seem trouble as the shadow follows the form.

But in the inventory of this gold flag series, I have forgotten an important node of more important things — this is the brand for 185 years, so in the Pavilion, in addition to the gold flag series,also play other gentleman indispensable new watch, which gave me the biggest surprise is the classic engraved 1946 watch series, its design inspiration from the 1945 birth of a watch, when the time node of the end of World War II, light brown leather watch strap watch color, so I can easily think that the smoke is not back in 40 mm size watches are pretty slim, wearing it is relatively easy. But the biggest highlight of this watch or dial details, either the blue steel pointer and digital dot scale staggered design, and dial by drawing processed, that are very easy to cause the design favorability, this point alone, this watch is enough to make people start impulse unfortunately, the price has not been given, I don’t know how much you need.

As for the pursuit of a more modern style, with leisure sports table of the middle class, a wear comfortable and convenient, but there is no lack of design sense of the watch, is quite a gentleman of taste, but in my opinion, the brand launched Comcast V.H.P. watch series has a very strong attraction — even if it uses the first is the quartz movement, don’t frown! Look at this watch exclusive special quartz movement by ETA to create special bar: this movement not only when accuracy is amazing, the annual error only in + 5 seconds between the GPD system and it uses, the watch is influenced by the magnetic field to stop working, in the environment will be returned to normal after the return to normal time. The price is in 6000-15000 yuan within the watch, with a large needle, timing, and calendar watch a variety of choices for any one to control the function, they can each one takes what he needs.

Of course, the use of convenience, woven pattern to accommodate this dial watch case of leisure is also very fine, for me this design to a certain extent, and the quartz casual sports watch gives the young feeling, this is why I would say that it is also a gentleman with a taste of wrist table key factors.

Is the same in the 6000 yuan price, this pilot series (tempted to chop hands) is a perfect choice to create a gentleman tone, a large dial is in line with other tough straight aesthetic, because it contains helmsman series of iconic Geneva corrugated dial into design is very strong, I think this watch is very all-match, all business and leisure dress, can try to do with this watch collocation. With this new watch Mido almost across the board are used by the observatory certification 80 hours of power storage silicon hairspring Caliber80 movement, accurate, durable and diamagnetic buy it, the price of 6900 yuan is also very cost-effective.

Watch dial contains a variety of color, and the orange watchband that one, as a special section of the release, the price of 8200 yuan, but joined the exclusive quick release function of the money watch strap up is not injustice, works also equipped with a Horwen watchband, it is said that the leather brand “leather king” known in the United States, often do some cross-border cooperation and rugby, quality.

If your budget is a little higher, I would suggest you to choose the Elite’s elite series watches, its price is only 37600 yuan,is absolutely the most entry-level, the price is also very cost-effective, the watch has given people the feeling is clean and neat, but and the most convenient, in addition, with a series of graded color disk design pilot watch brand will launch, retro and the appropriate combination of color, and without distortion when their own brand of tonality, 40 mm in size can be love this style of men and women were accepted, 42700 yuan price is quite good.

The brand, leisure sports watch is Navitimer with a gentleman style, the brand has brought the double rattrapante function with classic flight caliper Bezel Watch, equipped with the new B03 core, with two patents, the price is only 80 thousand, you know that the double rattrapante technology compared to the time the function of the ordinary, the complexity and difficulty of making cost to many. Can the price so low, I think this is due to the development of a single handedly 01 self-produced movement, this movement is adding a new module on the basis of only 28 components, can achieve double rattrapante function, and from the patent agencies, through the double crown button rattrapante function, stop very stable.

   Of course, as a handicraft technology the most extreme endorsements, in addition to watch the travel time and the decorative effect, it also represents the people of the time as people with feelings, perception of time, watch observation time, also used to describe the clock time, and in this year’s exhibition site, I also found a few brands time, the way of writing becomes more relaxed, lively, in their mind, not just when the watch tool, it is a happy time of the show, so follow this idea, these brands to watch a game changing play, these watches will also be can’t help brand idea influence and moved.

A new series of ISHINE Fendi this year, will be the perfect fusion of fashion fun, by screwing a gorgeous like diamond on the crown, the wearer can always switch dial on the scale of the diamond color, this watch is actually a change version of CrazyCarats, which originally should be set around the crown into a. Therefore, this watch can be used under a hierarchical structure to see, the upper control diamond scale rotation, with crown manipulation, while the lower deck with the bottom of the table body adjustment. This stratification emerges in appearance, the stainless steel case treated by rubber coating, has a more special visual effect, of course, this also makes this watch more youthful, watch for the price of 18600 yuan.

In addition, it also contains a series of limited edition works, not only has a more luxurious diamond bezel, mother of pearl dial disk center also uses the popular technology of Florence, to a plurality of Fritillaria grinding pressing, to form a mosaic decoration decorative effect, the global limit of 50, the price of 328800 yuan, and the price is gold watch as dazzling beauty!

In addition, the new Fendi Momento series not only continued the works of classical details every minute for a moment, and fit the tail of the second hand block, forming the classic Fendi logo, at the same time, also have a more interesting interactive form, turn the crown, you can see the dial flower color is can slowly change color, it looks really feel very dreamy, but in fact the designer just calendar day with a circle of general watch changes, can show a design so people feel the magic, this also from another level is unique to the FENDI body, attention to detail, and a powerful and unconstrained style of creative.

In addition, Momento a little watches overwhelmed by “face” has become common in the last century before the leaves flourished in the classic pillow shaped, double stack is more in line with the vigor and taste, looked at the little adorable eyes slowly, wait a minute, until the time comes, the tension time becomes relaxed down.

A powerful and unconstrained style on the dial creative also includes Chopin’s Happy Diamond series, and in this year, the brand also added more of motion happy diamonds, the price of new watch color in the range of 50 thousand is quite young and dynamic, the central design activities can dial diamond. A series of high order configuration also includes Jewelry section, the price will be close to 300 thousand……

When the most interesting howlong this year on his wrist playground made a series of pinball, watch this Pinball compared to before the maze of watches, joined the three rod device unique asked, playing marbles on wrist do not feel too interesting, although it can not display the time, but this is also the price of expensive watches 24000, the Swiss Franc started……

   Although the two days we have been talking about those particular worth buying outstanding price watch, but don’t forget the Pakistan exhibition also gathered a large number of luxury watch works, watch some creative use of the material is a powerful and unconstrained style, make people feel so luxurious, although we may sell a few suites are unable to endure such specifications of the watch but at least we can have the eyes to enjoy such aesthetic power machinery.

The first thing to say is a shining infinite gloss Big Bang five day power storage platinum high jewellery…… Such a long name, in fact, important information is only one table! Good! Expensive! This watch in more than 1 thousand, set off under the more than and 80 carat diamond,ah, long power ah these features seem to be less important, of course, this watch the price, price of 10545000 yuan RMB, the number of digital light is enough for you!

In fact, in addition to the gold treasures,in colors on the show this year is that the eye-opening, the most important is because the brand in the field of sapphire material breakthroughs, so that they can not only create a transparent case, even for the case of transparent, translucent and very bright bring this color, such as red sapphire Big Bang Unico watch, requires the addition of alumina and iron calcined at 2000 degrees high temperature environment, is the industry’s first, in addition, sapphire crystal cutting technology also allows them to be the most famous watches do full transparent design.

Our love is the color table together posed, this visual effect, like into the crystal fairy tale world, beautiful not matter.

Harry Winsto launched this epic 8, looks is a bit too shocking! This watch is equipped with two large institutions accounted for half of the dial space, but the weight is only 0.76 grams, this design is not only for virtuoso and beautiful, in fact with the balance regulation of dual axis movement trajectory is close to sphere disc, which has superior performance in timing mechanical watches beyond imagination Watch, has a total of 534 parts, while the watch surface is used double corrugated Geneva decoration, and is equipped with Harry Winsto HW logo, full of sense of design.

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