The spring breeze drunk, when a drink brewed, fashionable people CUISINE

Now craft beer restaurant has become a new stronghold of fashion people, whether you love flowers, taste rich or fresh, craft beer in the world than we imagined more abundant. We will introduce in Shanghai last month to open the new craft beer restaurant, of course, also did not forget to recommend three Beijing local craft beer bar. Spring to drink drunk, fine wine.


In Shanghai, Jingan District’s “abundance”, a Shikumen featuring the streets, pedestrians on the road without careful attention, easily missed this just login first China Goose Island craft beer. From the outside looking in, a row of huge silver stainless steel wine pot, to remind everyone, there is a high quality craft beer.


We met the master brewer restaurant here, from a distant country of New Zealand pure Nielsen young Fraser Kennedy, at the age of 15, he found his passion for wine. During the University, Fraser through self-study as well as create their own brand of beer brewing technology.


   Shanghai Goose Island beer brewing chief winemaker, Fraser Kennedy from New Zealand

He recommended a classic craft to us: Goose Island India pale Eyre, it is successful to restore the British India pale Eyre’s traditional flavor: the British Beer Eyre to India, to ensure that the beer can keep the original flavor in the long run, adding a large amount of hops in beer, but accidentally created a new style of beer by love, which is now the most popular beer type IPA (India Pale Ale).This wine has a rich fruity fragrance, at the entrance of the bitter drink after hops long aftertaste, is also very suitable for women. Just try craft beer, it is difficult to have the ordinary beer brewing industry, visible wonderful taste, excellent raw materials, rich and unique concept of localization choice to make it popular in the global scope.




Although here to external Shikumen building into the interior decoration design is the American style of the whole industry, concise and lively, strong flavor of modern red brick walls and Shikumen together to complement each other, the iconic goose head shaped wine column handles in the narrow bar lined up, very cute. In addition to a good craft, collocation of delicacy is equally important, chef Gabriel Rodriguez (Gabo) is now in charge of the delicacy. <strong> “The best food from ideas and the most simple, fresh raw ingredients.”</strong> he said. Craft beer bar is slowly in the young people to form a new way of life, and more refined, more and more fashionable.

Gorgeous baked sweet potato

In Shanghai local snacks baked potato as inspiration, roasted sweet potato after transformation, is a combination of Chinese and Western characteristics of delicacy. Chef Gabo carefully high quality sweet potato, put in the oven baked Josper. After the incision with purple cabbage and green leafy vegetables, sprinkle with garlic, wood grilled eggplant garlic sauce, grilled sauce and homemade spicy tomato sauce. Taste sweet and sour and rich color balance gives the roasted sweet potato special flavor, is inviting.

May wish to try


   Goose Island India pale Eyre beer

India Eyre light beer

Alcohol content: 5.9%

Bitter index: 55

Goose Island India pale Eyre has a rich fruity fragrance, entrance bitter dry malt bring unique refreshing taste, long aftertaste after drinking beer flower.


Goose Island Xunran Eyre beer

British Eyre bitter

Alcohol content: 4.3%

Bitter index: 30

Fruit aroma and hops aromatic nature, and mellow malt taste perfect collocation, bring balance wonderful craft works. Drunk Eyre fresh taste, with reliable quality, liulianwangfan.


Goose Island green light Eyre beer

American India pale Eyre

Alcohol content: 5.4% bitter index: 30

Distinct American pale Eyre, only one can feel the rich aroma of beer, fresh citrus flavor.

Beijing good craft

  • You hang beer


Two years of living in Beijing and Chandler Jurinka Hebert Daniel America, the North American style craft to China, combined with local China, create the one and only the wind China beer.

  • NBeer Pub cattle beer hall


The founder is called “beer madman” Jin Xin, there are two kinds of craft beer shop, now a mouth overflowing wine is the “Li Gui IPA”, in addition to American fine wine taste, there are weak and smoked chocolate.

  • Beijing A craft beer


Beijing’s most famous brand of beer brewing. Two from North America’s “old Beijing” Kris and Alex brand, painstaking brewing raw materials selection, rich creativity, first-class taste. A constant supply of beer drinking buddy who talked about The wine punch IPA, geisha rouge and workers ale.

For more  information, vist ANGTI&YANG


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