Grandma shoes success ? What is ugly or pure fashion?

You say mom take out a shopping bag, mother to wear pants on fire even, even Grandma’s shoes also broke into the fashion circle. Well, you guessed it, grandma is shoes!

This is a pair of shoes named “glove shoes”. You say why it is called grandma shoes?Because it is very comfortable to wear.

Well, yes, it looks really humble. But! In the fashion ceremony, it was the favorite of many people. In the early days, it created by Argentina independent designer Martiniano LopezCrozet design.

Moreover, there is a nickname called grandma shoe gloves (glove shoes), the shoe is Dave gave it the nickname. Because it is so wrapped up in the toes, and foot in its upper deep trap, like feeling with gloves.

And other ugly shoes become fashionable for a time popular reasons are similar, in addition to the “fashion is comfortable” mental factors, estimation of love now fashionable group itself is the pursuit of my grandmother’s generation retro.

So how should wear shoes grandma? Now uncle will give you up, remember to help the girls love grandma shoe chair to listen to.

Wide leg jeans + grandma shoes

So ugly adorable grandma shoes, how can less wide leg pants? This pants basic can handle all kinds of shoes, shoes grandma is no exception. With a little retro atmosphere.

Grandma Shoes + bag hip skirt

Bag hip skirt more prominent figure, so it belongs to the relatively mature model. Grandma collocation shoes, style above is very suitable.

Suit + grandma shoes

The girl wearing a suit, I believe it’s time to go to work. So get up too quickly, directly put on her shoes, it is a great boon. But Grandma shoe itself is more fashion sense, and work environment is also a.


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