With your bestie Together wearing Swimsuits To the Beach .

Chuu cute Siamese swimsuit

Chuu is a Korean brand style, sweet and fresh, product line includes women’s shoes and bags, underwear, deep and light Cougar their favorite girls. Chuu of this one-piece, the mint green color collocation, ice cream dessert pattern, low cut, thin shoulder straps, very white skin and slim lining.

In addition to this pure retro one-piece, optional red, black and white, letters and digital printing decoration, more American leisure atmosphere.

Bruna Malucelli striped one-piece bathing suit

Designer Bruna Malucelli, cursive letters plus color printing vertical stripes, bring long visual effect. Is the launch of “Bay My Name Swimsuit” customized services, to put their names on them, up to 9 letters, with its own brand, and if bestie exchange wear out, with a little romantic declaration of sovereignty.

Since the need for customization, the horse father home basically is not possible, but very meaningful, we recommend to you, if you have a chance to get one, worth as a souvenir.

Mara Hoffman printed suit

American fashion brand designer Mara Hoffman will use their own unique design concept in the artistic style of swimsuit. This series of swimsuit with fresh green leaves prints, bold collocation sexy clipping, walking on the beach pool, will become the focus of.

Or simply pick the bold hollow one swimsuit, both sides cut design, plus a collection of graphic printing, it is behind the cross straps to increase the halter, very sexy.

Marysia fan edge bikinis

The same is the designer brand, with Italy fabric as fabric, focusing on swimsuit design flawless and high-quality, scalloped trim can be used as a feature. Collocation fresh pink and green color, more fresh and lovely.

Solid & Stripe striped swimsuit

The swimsuit brand, all products are produced in the American state of New York Town, and the selection of exquisite fabrics in Europe and Japan, plus the elegant simplicity of style, become the favorite female swimwear brand. This is the 2016 spring vacation, the use of simple color vertical stripes, Siamese and split the two century, with 20s poster style.

Zimmermann embroidered swimsuit

The famous clothing brand in Australia, with a strong sense of line design, color collocation is unique, and the palace wind retro embroidered, and bestie wearing such two models, probably also has a gorgeous lady vu.

H&M color stomacher type swimsuit

Maybe you are now bestie and shopping, just walked into a H&M, then you will find there is no simple texture of this suit, down two pieces of split design, bra plus briefs, no nonsense. And buy bestie blue and white, can also change to wear on me, I have you, is also a good color collocation, consisting of the.



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