2017 early spring, you still lack a pair of flat shoes!

Recently, the sunny, spring warmth has long been to disperse the fog of winter. “Keep the clouds and see the moon,” the kind of chuckle, has long been colorful dress, bare feet to sell it!

Elegant Department of the goddess of the early spring to open the way, must be prepared for their own pair of bare feet flat shoes!

Elegant dress is actually more suitable for long legs girl, with flat shoes, walking light, crowded group. The bare feet will visually increase the body’s sense of bone, to avoid the long skirt of procrastination.

Even if there is no high heels gorgeous dazzling, but can give you the last dependence, light and comfortable, flowers are spring, flat shoes, of course, to walk … …

If you want to create a sense of leisure, may wish to choose pants + shallow shoes with, even if not all bare feet, early spring ankle is still proud to be exposed!

Modeling is never a single thing, but the need for a single product with the body. Shoes selected right, 3 steps to make the legs more extreme, the spring of the atmosphere will be distributed between walking!\

For more information,visit ANGTI&YANG.


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