French sexy, starting from a lingerie!

When we talk about French sexy, what are we talking about?

To say French sexy The best spokesperson is actually beautiful, stylish, pleasant, independent French women. They always have a kind of born woman taste, facial features revealed between affection and romance. Want to know you and these sexy, elegant French Woman where the difference? A: “an Etam underwear!”

After all, no one can have more than a hundred years of French fashion Etam lingerie know how to French sexy mystery. Listen to Etam underwear analysis, you know why you and French sexy is actually only a bad underwear!

Love lace no borders, preference for style is different

Women are love lace, underwear is even more so. Through the understanding of female consumers in China and France, Etam underwear found that both French and Chinese women, the love for lace is no border. But the Chinese women better love exquisite lace products because they are fresh, romantic and comfortable; but in the eyes of French women, lace elements more symbolic mature women’s independence and elegance, revealing sexy. Different styles of lace underwear, will show women different beauty.

Etam lingerie naturally familiar with French sexy way will not miss the “lace” this element. Inherited a hundred years of French tradition, Etam underwear iconic lace its unique design, by the designer hand-painted complete. And France’s most prestigious crafts master made Etam lingerie lace series, there are up to 15 styles of suits, of which more three models are designed for Chinese women’s body design. And based on the season and fashion trends, a total of 13 colors can be used with the choice. So, French sexy lace is what kind of love lace you may wish to come to Etam lingerie shop!

Fit with dress, no dead angle to show charm

Exquisite lingerie with different occasions, different styles of dress, is the most direct expression of French sexy. Etam lingerie found in the selection of underwear when the Chinese women and French women have a different point of concern, the Chinese consumers in the choice of underwear, compared to the “deep V gather”, “traceless skin” these with the dress function Sexual needs, underwear wearing comfort is placed in the first consideration. Underwear comfort is important, but it is also with the functionality of clothing must not be ignored, strapless embarrassment exposed underwear shoulder strap, sports underwear flattened chest type, who do not want to see any of these.

Therefore, the French women in the selection of underwear, in addition to comfort, they will pay more attention to underwear and different occasions, different dress style with today’s overall dress style is to be sexy, some sports or leisure have different underwear options The Women want to show their full range of beauty and sexy, choose to show their own advantages of underwear to match the appropriate style of dress, is the focus can not be ignored.

“Sets” out of sexy, “wear” out of me

Will you buy packages for underwear?

Most Chinese women in the selection of underwear more used to buy underwear and underwear to buy, but the French women prefer to complete the purchase. Separate enough to buy underwear underwear to give you more with the choice, but in fact complete with the underwear color, style uniform, to better show their own stature, to show their charm. In addition, a lingerie, for a woman, in fact, has more meaning. Many French women in the new boyfriend or break up to buy a new set of underwear to get their own confidence, but also represents the charm of their own value. Perhaps this is the French sexy reason, an independent, self-urban women, choose a beautiful, sexy underwear, but also can represent the heart of a transformation of the beginning.

Love “it”, equal to love yourself

In general, the life of underwear is limited, to carry out regular cleaning and replacement, pay attention to the replacement and maintenance of underwear is a very important thing. In fact, the French women will be in accordance with a fixed frequency to replace their own underwear, underwear, after all, once repeatedly wearing a cleaning, a long time underwear will not only affect the deformation of chest type, but also endanger health. Sexy chest must be healthy, sexy chest need to rely on fit underwear to set off and modified, French sexy even more so.

See here, when you pick the underwear is more concerned about what? This belongs to your French sexy road, why not from a suitable for their own Etam underwear began?


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