How can the British style inspire you?

Do you have trouble with a wedding dress? Can not be too casual to show their sincerity, nor too grand to take away the new limelight. This balance is difficult to grasp.

With the wedding boom is coming, the British brand REISS launched a series of wedding inspiration clothing. 2017 spring and summer series has a very strong wedding style, REISS show the perfect ride bridesmaids (or wedding guests) shape. One set of white shoulder dress, design is far more than Chic.

From the REISS publicity photos this season, more time to choose to attend the wedding color should be pink, bare pink, white, milk white are not wrong choice.

Cool tone of the print dress, or a concise design of the black dress skirt can also highlight their own taste and sincerity, but does not mean a formal occasion must be skirt attendance, to improve the waist of the Siamese pants or neat suit also meet the wedding The setting.

For more information,visit ANGTI&YANG.


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