MARC O’POLO minimalist Nordic winds

Early spring season, all things recovery.For fashion up to people, the silence of a winter wear with inspiration also will be gushing out.Today’s trend is more and more biased towards simple winds, and the quality of a single product has a higher demand.As a representative of minimalist style, many Nordic brands in the design and texture have done a lot of homework.And from Sweden’s high-end fashion brand MARC O’POLO, is the trend of the trend of the leading style.

Advocating leisurely urban lifestyle, MARC O’POLO years has always been committed to the pursuit of carefully selected natural raw materials and exquisite craftsmanship seamlessly fit. Since the establishment of the brand in Stockholm since 1967, MARC O’POLO accurately inherited the “follow nature” of the liberal philosophy of philosophy, so that its single product in the personality, temperament, comfort and elegance to find the perfect balance, Showing the brand does not follow the crowd and its own fashion attitude.

Such as the early season of MARC O’POLO early spring, two heavyweight models-Mads Mikkelsen and Lara Stone show in person. From the Cannes and the top supermodel combination of the new season of this season, full of eye-catching, while a series of posters on a black background map also make this season single product full of texture. Careful and fine workmanship, clean and smooth lines, simple and generous profile shape … … the overall design seems simple bones but show extraordinary, to help people taste the interpretation of luxury style.

Not too much fashion sense of the people will inevitably feel that the Nordic style of clothing is very much the same, but the heart of this simple intellectual style of the influx of people can know in the minimalist style under the lightly and low-key tolerance and elegance. MARC O’POLO does not try to please the environment, not even the grandstanding elements, but will focus on internalization, toward the self. MARC O’POLO clothing, interpretation of people quiet and elegant mood, with the nature of the ultimate interpretation of the style, is the temperament of the family of children full of taste of the best choice.


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