How to take pictures of the United States?


Expression naturally with the nature

Now the kind of deliberately facing the camera laughing photos

Is out of date, take pictures is to have a

Casually be photographed are very beautiful feeling

I see the scenery is beautiful, I throw a beautiful head

I am more beautiful in a daze

Casually a back to shoot beautiful

Eyes closed with the feeling of meditation is also beautiful

Correct! at this time

Let your boyfriend or girlfriend quickly press the shutter


Light to be soft

The sun is simply a natural beauty show show

Just like playing a layer of soft light

But do not choose too strong light

The afternoon sun will make you look brighter and brighter

Backlight and sunset are shooting the feeling of the best light


The angle is important

Want two meters long legs? The angle is important

Make your girlfriend or boyfriend down

The angle down, bevel up to shoot

How long will your legs be long!

But also in the time of walking to capture more natural

By the wind feeling the gas field to more cents more cents!

Like a model so tall and so thin

At the time of taking pictures

Also ask the photographer must squat down

To take pictures of her will be significantly high legs long

You know how important it is!

(Quietly tell you that the legs are not enough ladder to Minato!)


Hand props

You hand coffee, food, bag

And even mobile phones can be used as street props

Will make the photo look more life, more natural

Called to be photographed, eat mouth thing was photographed

Naturally showing the pictures absolutely beautiful you can not imagine

Are these four points learned?

Remember to take pictures, take a good look

From here, we change the fashion together!

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