Spring and summer must have this year’s shoes

As a result of the popular season for several quarters, high heels have been frozen for a long time, almost to be forgotten by a woman. Fortunately, with Vetements to help you recall a little memory, Vetements and Manolo Blahnik cooperation shoes have been successfully occupied many fashion queen’s heart, followed by the Dior 2017 spring and summer series launched by the ribbon low heels, and JW Anderson, Mansur Gavriel and Celine also have launched low heels, a pair of women can gather elegant and convenient shoes.

Kitten heels not only benefit the girl will not wear high heels, give them an elegant sexy opportunity, the appropriate height, but also bring out the feminine temperament, while quite practical, even if the coachman, running, dinosaur chase are do not worry.


Sexy style

Office workers often have the need to wear high heels, sometimes for commute convenience, usually with flat shoes replacement. Now, as long as the usual wearing a high-necked sweater and pencil skirt, with a pair of elegant kitten heels, even if the commute or walking on the gravel do not have to worry about.


Domineering strong woman

As a high-level supervisor you, do not have to always wear a pair of hate days to show your domineering. The use of suit jacket, take a simple T-Shirt and jeans, but also make your full of arrogance, at the same time, and then take a pair of approachable kitten heels also closer to the distance between you and colleagues.


Mix and match the tide

The courage to try to wear new fashion girl, in addition to the use of knee Peng skirt with kitten heels outside, take a pilot jacket, to create a sense of conflict, both handsome and elegant.


French retro style

Like a kind of French unruly and casual girl, you can use the comfortable linen jacket and dress, with the belt on the Kitten heels to create an elegant attitude, in the collar between a feature scarf, with a retro Tote bag, You can go out.


Simple style

Will be the most popular mother jeans this year, with a bright shirt and suit jacket, rolled up the sleeve cage can make the overall shape more with the feeling of sex, wearing a pair of slippers type kitten heels, easy to take to the streets.

More kitten heels fashion wear:

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