The same color fashion law is the “lazy” spring essential!

Known as “the most fashionable lazy to wear the law,” the same color wear in the fashion circle perennial keep the same heat, it is a strong practicality is not to worry about the color and style of friction, the same color alone With the easy to help you create a sense of high quality and gas field! In the early spring to replace the wardrobe season, let the fresh color with the color to capture your fashionable heart it!

The first move: entry level to wear high-level color accurate right

For the first taste of the same color, but also do not know where to start with the white, the choice of easy to wear and insurance of high-level color is the most wise choice! And senior color O sister to bear the brunt of the recommendation is the wild black and white gray three years.

Never wrong black as easy to use the same color with color, both easy to control and suitable for all ages of the bitch baby who was thin skill did not have to say at the same time very angry field!

A look pure and clean gray, basically do not pick people, the upper body directly to enhance the number of Jiege, mother can also man!

As the highest brightness of the white, totallook’s presence can not be ignored, the most important thing is to choose a good texture of the white single product to Fan children propped up!

As the past two years of hot nude color, wild skill no worse than black. This is almost in the color of the color, inadvertently showing the subtle sexy charm. “Wizard bloggers” Kristina in this set of nude color look on the backdrop of feminine full.

Wine red and dark green as a classic retro color is also the style and charm both the color, while at the same time let us feel full of feelings!

On their own body very confident you can try to like Gigi so catch a whole pink line, pink and spring and spring ride Oh!

The second measure: deep light was too thin and significant high

Will be different shades of the same color with a single product together, in the increase in the overall look at the same time the sense of hierarchy is also more clear. This is the time to test the fashionable time with you!

The basic black and white gray three colors still as insurance and not easy to mistake the preferred color.

Different shades of retro colors together, both to retain the original unique charm, but also increased the overall shape of the fluency, good taste ready to come out!

Light camel and deep camel by pure white convergence, the overall color of natural and just right, the level of three-dimensional and clear, calm and with full handsome. High waist design is elongated leg curve.

Eye-catching treasure blue, calm dark blue, clear sky blue, low-key possession of the blue, let you how the depths are perfect grab the mirror dress!

Want to play in the spring of a color over the fun of the bitch who are bold and easy to color out of the bright color are waiting for you to havetry! Jesscia this body with the color of the pink ride is not too beautiful!

The third measure: the details of the gas field can not be less

Design the finishing touch of small details always make people have eyes bright and eyes to follow the power! In the same color with some of the details of the selection of more interesting single product is also a fashionable up up a small coup!

Trousers on the wind dance of the lotus leaf and upper body high and low shoulder asymmetry cut is not for the cold all black look added a bit playful and lively?

As long as a little reveal a corner of the pleated skirt details, let the cool gray a little more gentle atmosphere.

The fire of several quarters of wide leg pants this season has not yet fever, so that three-dimensional profile shape people can not ignore the magic, but also to make the same color with a good gas field to enhance a single product!

High open skirt properly interpreted what is called the real walk with the wind!

Gigi this set of “naked” look the biggest point is that the neck line between the delicate knot (of course, legs)!

The existing single product is too normal, did not find a sense of detail too strong? Then try this is not a good dress, the coat frame in the arm, the same seconds from the range of children! This is now more popular wear law Oh! Not fast get up!

The fourth trick: pattern embellishment skill can not be ignored

Although it is the same color wear, does not mean that the pattern say no! These vivid patterns will only join the same color with more worth seeing!

Geometric patterns in the most simple stripes is also the fashion circle in the most popular “evergreen”! The classic pattern of natural addition is to make the same color with the more monotonous!

Art of the lattice with a fresh color, to meet the girls at the same time the effect of age is also a stick bar da da! As if back to the student era!

In the same color with the addition of a small area of the pattern will be able to improve the quality of several fine!

Romantic flower printing as the spring of the most beautiful dress artifact, is definitely the most beautiful street landscape!

Fifth strokes: eye-catching accessories are indispensable

We will wear, why do you seem to be forced to be higher? It is not because you have a good accessories! A fashionable accessories ramming goods is definitely you to enhance the fashion section of the killer!

There is a sense of super-earrings necklace are you a good choice of personality!

Even a total black look, a pair of eye-catching eye and ankle boots or a bright bag can also make you the focus of street shooting!

Sunglasses as the influx of people need to shape the “artifact”, how to shoot when the street shoot it!

A whole body dazzling big red with the hands of the leopard hand bag and become more style.

Breath said so much of the same color wear law, do not know which girls are the heart of the matter?

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