Pick shoes 5 steps

1. buy shoes have to choose time?

Afternoon is the best time to buy shoes, it is best about three o’clock, because the afternoon time will be more swelling of the foot larger, if it is morning election, in the afternoon is likely to wear it will be a bit too tight. If you are prepared for a special occasion or dinner, you may wish to wear a few hours a day in advance.

The height of the buckle

For Ankle-strap shoes, the location of the buckle need to touch the top of the ankle, which can play the role of elongated legs; otherwise it will play the opposite effect of coarse short legs. The balance between the length and the ankle is also important – if the ankle of the shoe is thicker, you need to dress it with a long skirt to ensure that no less than 15cm of the legs are exposed, so that the overall shape is more slender.

3.office must have three treasures

In the desk below always ready to set three pairs of shoes: a pair of high heels, a pair of sports shoes, and a pair of ankle boots. Very easy to wear, from jeans to dress, casual to see customers, with any shape are the same fashion.

4. Wear high heels can be practiced

Buy a pair you really like, because there is enough enthusiasm, have the power to stick to it! If the fine high-heel is not for you, then try boots or platform shoes it, their rough heel is easier to balance.

5. bags are lining up?

Your handbags and shoes are best contrast to each other, but not too similar. More fashionable way is to mix and match different accessories – the appropriate impact of some time but people can feel more pleasantly surprised.

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