First buy these bags, so you fashion for several years!

You can think of the first is definitely LV

New out of the box

But LV has always been the origin of the box is also excusable

And later out of a paragraph with the phone, but also expensive phone shell

I really do not know if I want to protect the phone or to protect the phone shell

In addition to LV there CHANEL box

DIOR of the constellation box

Dolce & Gabbana’s

MCM robot box

There are many designer brands are doing

Like salar

– no maximum only minimum –

Can only say that now the woman does not know is maternal love burst or hate their own is the little girl

This package is getting smaller and smaller

Just ended the 2017 autumn and winter show floor you can still see it everywhere

But also for the way to think how to back

Gucci17 autumn and winter also out of the mini pockets

Said it is now the mini package of the world is not too much

Although it is very small, in addition to lipstick keys almost no less than anything

But still can not stop a lot of actress to become its loyal fans



Although the practicality is almost

But by virtue of small and lovely

But also reduce the weight of the shoulder these two points

It is enough to provoke love

Small mini bag can look for the whole point of your eyes

Back all year round is suitable

And the smaller the more the more fashionable bag size

Valentino in the spring of 2017 when the introduction of the super mini’s small box

Only a few centimeters in size

Barely able to hold a lipstick or a few cigarettes

Bao body inlaid with brand logo rivets or exquisite designs

Super exquisite small one

People inexplicable want to buy home

– Size overlay –

Really feel uncomfortable with two back together

I do not know what this is called

Mother package

The most popular this year is the size of the superposition

In fact, clothes and shoes package, all the popular has long been through, wear, designed.

The difference now lies in the combination of individuals

Show you like you like this back

But also to promote the package sales

The results are so catwalk

The size of the package superimposed, I now so back

The main problem is that it can be concave at the same time do not have to consider the package can not put things

Just a good combination

The most simple sweater jeans can wear very … …

you know

One carrying, one carrying

In fact, if you are equipped with good words

The other is environmentally friendly bags will be very beautiful

In fact, the beginning is attracted by its two take

But it really has a lot of color and material

So I am still the most wild of the most black-LIKELIKE

The same type of packet

Pure color and Maccaron splicing – LATELEE STUDIO


One comment

  1. tbymallano · April 5, 2017

    So many amazing handbags, I wish I could afford them:)
    Love from


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