Fit your face earrings, wear is icing on the cake!

Small earrings exquisite exquisite, large earrings swaying

It always when necessary, illuminate your unique beauty

Not only on the face of the modified role, chic and do not have style

So then

Different face how to choose a different earrings it

Give you a look at this picture

Round face

1. Choose long earrings

Round face is characterized by small forehead, chin short, cheekbones wide

So should not appear exaggerated eye-catching round earrings

It will set off the face more rounded, slender earrings

You can change the face more thinner

2. Select the hollow earrings

Solid round earrings are too strong

And round face in contrast

And hollow style even if it is round

Will also be a lot of light

Square face

1. Select the curled rounded earrings

Square face of the sister shop do not wear square earrings

You can choose to wear a round

Oval or curled line earrings

These curly rounded earrings can cushion the edges and corners of the square face

2. The length exceeds the chin

When the square face wears long earrings

It is best to choose the length of the ear than the earrings

The line of sight will not focus on the widest part of the mandible

Heart-shaped face

1. Do not choose large ring earrings

Big round just fell on the widest part of the cheek

Visually increase the width

So that the chin is more obvious, so to avoid the ring

2. Do not choose the inverted cone style

Pointed chin is easy to become the focus of vision

So that the original normal forehead is unusually large

In order to balance this light on the weight

Not suitable for the choice of wide under the tip of the cone-shaped earrings

Slender face

1. Do not exceed the length of the chin

If the length of the earrings exceeds the chin

Will stretch the face ratio, so that the face looks more and more long

2. Do not choose slender earrings

Wearing slender earrings, will make the face look more narrow

You can choose to exaggerate the design of the large earrings widen the face ratio

Or choose flower-type earrings to modify the face ratio

So that the length of the face lines have Shoulong Shoulong

Oval face

So perfect face

You can arbitrarily wear any shape of the earrings

As long as the occasion and clothing with attention to look at

How to wear are wrong, envy ing ah

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