March Europe and the United States tide street shooting analysis

2017 spring and summer Europe and the United States Street beat showing retro and renovation of the scene, fashion people are willing to try all kinds of mix and match.Designers on the historical elements of the new pattern to play, but also create a new bright spot.

Color – flame red

Red is the necessary color in 2017, do not have to stick to the season’s replacement, and white with beautiful and pleasant, and heavy color with some lively festive sense. This season’s red in the lipstick flame red close, and lip color is echoed with the fashion of people with the means.

Color – magenta

Magenta is harder to control than red, but it is best for handbag, footwear and sock as embellishment.

Color – white

Spring and summer colors in the natural and ultimately white, this season’s white focus is not pay attention to sports shoes, white fashion with the type of footwear began to popular.

Single product – music shoes

Carrefour shoes continue to be concerned about the fashion industry, simple and stylish atmosphere, almost necessary staff. High-heeled class music shoes are the focus of future changes.

Single product – tie Derby shoes

And music shoes, like this, more than men’s Di Bei shoes is 2017 fashion people love. Compared to men’s shoes, ladies Derby shoes more than some tricks. Shoelaces pattern tied method, or fashionable personality of the bottom type.

Single product – shoes

The charm of the shoes will never fade, simple and no flowers, personalized slogans, sweet printing, gorgeous velvet, all-inclusive reception, no matter what, always wrong.

Single product – Muller slippers

Muller drag again in the rise of the quarter, rough with the Muller drag is the mainstream, the single also take the risk, with the cat with the very test of the stability of the soles.

Single product – boots

Spring cold has not yet passed, boots in the transition season is more than a single product.

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