Eliminate acne

To deal with the initial acne, in addition to salicylic acid this big kill, there are some acid effect is also good. More commonly used are azalea acid, almond acid, glycolic acid and so on. These several acids are effective for early acne, but also have a whitening effect, in another article “Whitening Artifact of the four” have a detailed analysis. Interested can look out, today analysis of azalea acid and another acne strong medicine – benzoyl peroxide (BPO).

The characteristics of azalea acid

Azalea acid, also known as azelaic acid, was first extracted from the rhododendron petals, and now is mainly industrial synthesis. Rhododendron acid is a dermatologist widely used in skin medication, because the effect is good, later used in cosmetics.

Rhododendron acid has a good inhibitory and killing effect on aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Slightly soluble in water, good lipophilicity, this feature can make azalea acid and salicylic acid, deep into the pores, those who cause skin acne bacteria to kill the early acne played a good therapeutic effect.

Rhododendron acid can also reorganize keratinocytes, reduce keratinocyte keratosis abnormalities, prevent the pores around the keratinocytes are not normal off, reduce the chance of shedding of keratinocytes clogged pores, so that the pores unimpeded, sebaceous gland secretion of oil can be normal discharge, Bacteria food, clear the pores, the oxygen can enter the pores inside, inhibit the killing of anaerobic bacteria, to achieve the purpose of acne.

Rhododendron acid can inhibit the excessive secretion of oil, remove the acne produced by the soil, to avoid acne generation. Rhododendron acid can also inhibit the formation of melanin, dilute the smallpox in India, whitening skin.

The application of azalea

Rhododendron acid in the domestic beauty salon application early, mainly as oily skin whitening oil control and acne ingredients in use, and achieved good results. Just beauty salon relatively small, no large-scale advertising, most consumers do not know.

Rhododendron to get a better effect, the concentration must reach a certain height. At least to achieve more than 15%, the effect will be obvious, violent. But to achieve this concentration, increased irritation, high allergies. However, relative to salicylic acid, azalea acid or to some moderate.

Rhododendron acid with less redness, burning sensation, irritation mainly in the sense of itching. Some of the skin will become dry after use, there is a slight peeling, itchy. Do not remember at this time do not hand to catch.

Azalea acid on the effect of closed; obvious effect on the smallpox, but not particularly good; for the swelling of the big acne, swelling effect, but can not ripen acne, can not quickly let acne Bie down, therefore, For the redness of the acne, the need for other ingredients with the use of azalea acid alone can not.

In order to reduce the irritation of azelaic acid, azelaic acid derivatives were invented, there are azelaic acid dipotassium, azelaic acid disodium, the effect is good, the domestic use of cosmetics companies.

High concentrations of azelaic acid products are not recommended for full use. If used to cure pox, it is recommended only in the long pox site coating. If used for whitening, start with low concentrations. Partial oily skin is more suitable for azalea acid, the secretion of oil has a good regulatory effect. Dry skin use to be very careful, we must first do skin test, the skin can withstand re-use.

Benzoyl peroxide (BPO)

In front of several acid ingredients, to deal with the initial acne (acne, closed) effect is good, but when the skin inflammation, swelling, the front of several components will be powerless. Need other fierce play, benzoyl peroxide (BPO) is a component of this.

Benzoyl peroxide (BPO) in the domestic skin care products headquarters to allow, belong to the scope of the drug. He is a synthetic antibacterial ingredient, is a strong oxidizing agent. Can break down benzoic acid and oxygen kill bacteria that cause acne, reduce skin inflammation, promote keratosis and wound healing. Benzoyl peroxide (BPO) for inflammatory acne effect is obvious, that is the kind of red, inflamed pox. For more serious polymer acne effect is not, need other more violent ingredients to deal with.

Since it is a drug ingredient, there must be side effects. Some of the skin may appear dry, scaling, redness, and even the whole face allergy symptoms. Excessive use of BPO may cause skin to become dark. BPO is through the release of “oxygen” to kill bacteria, to the absence of culture of bacterial resistance to the problem. General use of drugs instructions and notes are written more clearly, before use must carefully read the instructions.

Benzoyl peroxide (BPO) content of 2.5%, 5%, 10%, if not particularly serious, do not use high concentrations. 10% concentration effect is fast, but irritation will increase.

In summary, salicylic acid, azalea acid is more suitable for early acne, against blackheads, closed, acne effect is better. Benzoyl peroxide (BPO) Suitable for redness, inflamed acne. In the choice of acne products, we must first determine what kind of situation, targeted selection, will the drug to the disease in addition to Do not indiscriminately indiscriminate grass, the more the worse. These acne ingredients will be somewhat irritating, do not recommend long-term use. For more serious acne, you need another fierce drug appearance, and he is what? And listen to the next decomposition.

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