JIL SANDER appoints new creative director

Leader: JIL SANDER Group is pleased to announce the formal appointment of Lucie Meier and Luke Meier as the new creative director. The appointment will take effect immediately and will be presented by JIL SANDER for the first time in 2018 spring and summer women’s fashion week.


JIL SANDER appoints Lucie Meier and Luke Meier as new creative directors
JIL SANDER appoints Lucie Meier and Luke Meier as new creative directors

Lucie Meier was born in Switzerland, the mother from Orly, father from Germany. After studying fashion market in Florence and studying fashion in Paris, she joined Louis Vuitton’s design team for five years with Marc Jacobs; she then joined Nicolas Ghesquière’s team to design work for Balenciaga. After that, Raf Simons personally selected and named her as Dior Women’s high set series and clothing series chief designer. After Simons left, Lucie Meier as Dior’s joint creative director led the team to design and build the brand’s five series.

Born in Canada, Luke Meier’s father also came from Switzerland, the mother came from the United Kingdom. Luke Meier holds a degree in finance and international business from Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and continues his studies business strategy at Oxford University. Then he came to New York and studied at the New York Fashion Institute. After working with James Jebbia as chief designer for Supreme for eight years, he set up the men’s brand OAMC as a co-founder. The brand has now successfully entered more than 100 selected buyers in the world.

Lucie Merier and Luke Merier said: “We are very proud and honored to be able to join this very beautiful brand, and the opportunity to work side by side with the brand is far-reaching for us. JIL SANDER has always had a profound impact on our career, Hope that through our efforts, we can show our feelings on the brand.



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