How to wear that 1% of the fashion fine?

Speaking of windbreaker, we first thought is probably khaki, double buckle it ~ as the most classic style of windbreaker, this never out of the British wind blowing year after year.

Almost to the knee length of the windbreaker is the most common style, can help cover the fat on the thigh. In the spring season, take a sweater, lower body with tight pants can go out the street, simple and generous.

Can also be accompanied by some loose trousers or mom jeans, put on high-heeled the whole person is even more noble spirit.

With the style of change, the windbreaker also followed with the times, in addition to double-breasted income, there is such a sense of falling feeling elegant, buttons also become less, more casual The feel of.

This year is very popular long windbreaker, coupled with T-shirt and do not lock jeans, retro and gas field. Little petite girl will learn the right side of the Mira Duma put on high heels Oh, can not be lazy, or looks like a kid wearing a big adult clothes ~

Light card color with black, white, blue and other basic colors are not easy to make mistakes, but remember that the color can not be chaotic, the body not more than three colors.

You can use accessories to transfer the focus of the body, such as exquisite retro earrings or a belt, make the overall look look more harmonious, people will not only pay attention to the windbreaker itself.

It can be a bright color scarf ~ ride in the collar do not have some style ~

Control the long windbreaker, the most important gas field. Whether it is high-heeled or flat shoes, walking attitude should also pay more attention, can not hunch Oh ~

In addition to long coat, oversize style is also very popular this year.

In order not to let the whole person looks too bloated, you can tie up the belt, so that both highlights the waist curve, but also to the body looks more level.

There is this style with a skirt coat, more women taste, with shoes or high heels are all style.

Want to wear clothing and others do not like the feeling, in addition to choose a special style, you can also work hard in the color. Khaki and then classic, see more people also Shenmeipilao. Like this elephant gray is also very wild, suitable for Mature, especially for the OL wind Mature.

Usually take the style of style, you can choose brown or military green such a neutral color.

Ghostly Ju Juwen, a dark green windbreaker accompanied by her from the long hair to the short hair ~

Take the sweet line of the beautiful girl on the choice of peach powder or bare pink, and white together is simply too refreshing, and feel super soft ~

There are haze blue and light purple, even if the color is deep, control is not much problem.

If you feel that the color is not enough to win a chip, then let go, try different styles of windbreaker bar. Such as suede coat. Waist style and then exposed ankle, piercing two meters eight gas field to.

Suede style in the color also has a lot of choices, red wine, green, blue, camel, etc., so the next time to pick windbreaker, do not just know the choice of khaki waterproof fabric it!

Finally, to the United States and girls who contribute a windbreaker sector carry the child – Alexa Chung, Miss Zhong this British wind is the more blowing the more charming ah ~

As a windbreaker control, Miss Zhong also be considered “frenzied”, and the classic models needless to say, suede, cortex, she also has a lack of.

Whether it is with pants, skirt, Miss Chung was able to wear the windbreaker so good-looking, and ultimately, this Gui Tian thin legs of the credit. Especially when she barefoot with windbreaker when the degree of fascination and do not know how many times added.

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